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[National Archives] The temporary exhibition "history of interchange to follow in Japan and Danish - document" of the autumn of 2017

Date From Saturday, October 7, 2017 to Sunday, November 5
Moon - water, Saturday and Sunday, celebration from 9:45 to 17:30
Thursday and Friday         From 9:45 to 20:00
※November 3 (celebration, money) until 17:30
※With every day entrance until 30 minutes before closing time
Place Kitanomaru-koen Park 3-2
Access Subway Tozai Line Takebashi Station [1b exit] 5-minute walk
Sponsorship Incorporated administrative agency National Archives, Danish National Archives
Reference Incorporated administrative agency National Archives
TEL  :03-3214-0621

Event contents

Japan and Denmark
―The history of interchange to follow in document

Japan and Denmark:Valuable Records of the Historical Relations

2017 (2017) hits commemorative age of the 150th anniversary after Osamu enthusiast treaty of commerce and navigation was concluded with Japan between Denmark in 1867 (Keio 3) years. By book exhibition, we trace the history of friendship for 150 years of the two countries based on approximately 80 points of documents which National Archives of Japan and both Denmark, Denmark national museum, Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs diplomacy historical materials building possess including the starting point of interchange and the original of treaty that it was.

Japan, Danish Osamu enthusiast treaty of commerce and navigation (instrument of ratification) | 1867 | Danish National Archives storehouse
When Japan opened a country, Denmark entrusted Netherlands consul general residing in Japan with treaty conclusion negotiations, and advanced, and it was signed, and exchange of instrument of ratification was the same, and Japan, Denmark Osamu enthusiast treaty of commerce and navigation was performed in Edo in October of the year in the Edo era in January, 1867. This was of the eleventh and the last treaty that Tokugawa shogunate government concluded with foreign countries. Treaty book, instrument of ratification, documents such as instrument of ratification exchange papers and bag of Nishikori are stored in Danish National Archives. Because we were destroyed by fire by the Great Kanto Earthquake, and the original of Japanese side did not exist, precise reproduction was produced in commemoration of the diplomatic relations establishment 150th anniversary, and we were presented to Japan by Denmark.

Japanese book proxy | 1872 (Meiji 5) | National Archives storehouse

Treaty revision negotiations ran into difficulties in the first visit country United States, and Iwakura mission which the Meiji government dispatched in Europe and America in 1871 (Meiji 4) did not come to negotiate in each European country which they visited afterward. "Japanese book proxy" which mission brought was brought in Japan without going over to Danish side.

Japan, Danish treaty of commerce and navigation (instrument of ratification) | 1896 (Meiji 29) | Ministry of Foreign Affairs diplomacy historical materials building storehouse

Japan, Danish treaty of commerce and navigation that revised treaty of 1867 on October 19, 1895 (Meiji 28) was signed in Copenhagen and we ratified in the next year and were promulgated. As for the full power of Japanese side, Shiro Akabane, the Denmark side were Reitz's touto.

Than old coin collection of Krebs "Manen oval gold coin" | Danish national museum storehouse

As for Dane Frederick Krebs who visited Japan in 1866, and worked for early Mitsubishi steamship companies, and came to be said to the right arm of Yataro Iwasaki, well-known as collector of Japanese money. 39 pieces of gold coins, silver coin 28 pieces, collection consisting of 120 pieces of copper coins were put in Danish national museum in about 1880.

Andersen handwriting letter | 1834 | Danish National Archives storehouse

Andersen got scholarship and traveled in Italy during 1833 and the following year. We describe sketching in each place and we spell it in letter and send to Danish friends. This sketching is writing that Andersen spent Christmas of 1833 with friends pleasantly here in "hall of clock" in Borghese Park of Rome. First full-length novel "improvisator" of Andersen who is famous for translation of Ougai Mori (1835) assumes Italy the stage.

[display commentary meeting]
The date and time: Friday, October 20, 2017 from 11:00 to 11:30
Place: The fourth floor of National Archives meeting room



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