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[federation of Kanda secondhand bookstore] Specialty of the 58th Tokyo Kanda secondhand book Festival

Date From Friday, October 27, 2017 to Sunday, November 5
Place The sidewalk along Jimbocho Yasukuni Dori, Iwanami venue, Tokyo ancient book hall others
Access Toei Subway, Tokyo Metro "Jimbocho Station"
Sponsorship Federation of Kanda secondhand bookstore
Reference Federation of Kanda secondhand bookstore
TEL: 03-3293-0161 (main)

Event contents

Specialty of Tokyo! 1 million big sale!

The biggest annual function by federation of Kanda secondhand bookstore reaching 58 times in this autumn. Including "blue sky secondhand book city," various events about book are held. It is ordered to many book readers and in late years colonizes as natural scene or object which adds poetic charm to the season of Tokyo. In secondhand bookstore street "of" world's largest that more than 170 stores link the eaves, many people come from foreign countries let alone from all over Japan.

<main event>
■Blue sky secondhand book city
Once a year, 1 million big sale! Bookstore and "corridor of book" for approximately 500m among bookshelves appear on the sidewalk of Jimbocho main street.
Venue: Kandajinboucho secondhand bookstore street
The date and time: From Friday, October 27 to Sunday, November 5 from 10:00 to 19:00 (it is finished at 18:00 on the last day and rains out)

■Blue-ribbon ancient book spot sale exhibition
Display spot sale meeting by influential secondhand bookstore volunteer of Jimbocho.
It is usually event that gathered internal and external precious books which are not seen from old classical books to handwriting document, the modern first edition at store. Treasure hunt from this!

The date and time: From Friday, October 27 to 29th Sunday from 10:00 to 18:00 (finished daylong at 17:00)
Venue: Tokyo ancient book hall basement exhibition space
★At the second floor of 27-29 days, the ancient book hall information corner, *saichi does "town cultural heritage, rare book exhibition of book". You can see many rare books seen to blue-ribbon ancient book spot sale exhibition of hall under the ground only in museum and art museum.

■Charity auction
You show courage, and do you not speak? It is annual charity event of method that speaks, and bids to be called "auction".

The date and time: It is going to start at 14:00 on Saturday, November 4 (postponement in case of rain till the first fine day)
Venue: Sakura Street event site
★Anyone can participate! Auction of book. We sell book which is more selected than volunteer bookstore by auction method.
★A part of the sales is contributed to related organizations through Chiyoda-ku

<*sai event>
■The 23rd ownership stamp Festival (sponsorship: Tokyo seal cooperative)
The world of ownership stamp enjoying carving. Cause seal engraving experience of instruction by specialist in Tokyo seal cooperative is possible. Do you not push ownership stamp only for oneself to favorite book?

Sponsorship: Tokyo seal collaboration association
The date and time: From Saturday, October 28 to 29th Sunday 10:00 ...
Venue: Seal hall
Rate: 500 yen
Contact 03-3261-1017

■"Talk live - Hideyuki Kurata X Mikami deferred", is Jimbocho random talk PART4 ※Pay (sponsorship: federation of Jimbocho secondhand bookstore)
Animation scriptwriter Hideyuki Kurata and writer Mikami deferred no talk live popular last year. Two people of bookworm (vibrio enthusiast) of kidai confront again in Jimbocho! Hideyuki Kurata "R.O.D" author X Mikami deferred "vibrio ancient book temple" author "R.O.D" has fan core at all by light Novell and animation which did "reading child, lead man" having office in Jimbocho to main character. Animation is recommended. Cityscape of Jimbocho with recognition comes out here and there.

The date and time: October 29 from 14:00 to 17:00 (plan)
Venue: Tokyo ancient book hall 7F meeting room
Rate: 500 yen
Reservation application: Undecided (person in charge of Tokyo ancient book hall [Hideyuki Kurata X Mikami deferred talk live] telephone 03-3293-0161)

■"Ghost college special lecture in Jimbocho" ※Pay (sponsorship: KADOKAWA)
Became annual; "change itself; great", lecture!
Ghost magazine ghost entertainment project = ghost college which "mysterious", (Kadokawa Shoten) plans only in the world. The special lecture is opened a course in in Tokyo ancient book hall. Does story 〟 where what kind of 〝 is interesting jump out in Natsuhiko Kyogoku appearance - this year in this year?

The date and time: 00/12 accepts rearranging ticket distribution /15 than 00 than 00 - 17 at 15:30 on Sunday, November 5
Venue: Tokyo ancient book hall basement
Lecturer: Natsuhiko Kyogoku, Katsumi Tada, Kenji Murakami
Capacity: 150 (as for the simulation very much straight advance reservation for 100 people)
Admission: General 1,800 yen simulation very much straight 1,300 yen
The details in "ghost college" official site.

■"Jimbocho on day of home movie"
(sponsorship: Alps pictures / Nezu movie club)
We show home movie which calls in Jimbocho, and gathered in particular. Scenery of small everyday scene of people of Ichii who cannot project and Jimbocho that has been lost now calls mysterious impression by commercial movie after time. This valuable opportunity to show private film of personal possession by all means without passing over.

Sponsorship: Alps pictures / Nezu movie club
Venue: Tokyo ancient book hall 2F information corner
The date and time: November 3 from 16:00 to 18:00
Contact 080-4138-6696

※It is information as of September 29. The latest information, please identify HP.

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