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Long autumnal night worship "miraitoterasu" (Yasukuni Shrine sponsorship)

Date From Friday, September 22, 2017 to 24th Sunday from 6:00 to 21:00 rainy weather holding
Reception desk of official worship in main hall from 8:00 to 16:30

※After the sunset, we light up the precincts.
Place Yasukuni Shrine outer garden, the inner gardens (3-1-1, Kudankita)
Access The JR "Iidabashi Station" west exit, "Ichigaya Station" 10-minute walk
Tozai Line, Hanzomon Line, Shinjuku Line "Kudanshita Station" exit 1, a 5-minute walk
Yurakucho Line, Namboku Line, Shinjuku Line "Ichigaya Station" Exit A4, a 10-minute walk
Tozai Line, Yurakucho Line, Namboku Line "Iidabashi Station" Exit A2, Exit A5, a 10-minute walk
Sponsorship Yasukuni Shrine
Reference Yasukuni Shrine shrine office
TEL: 03-3261-8326

Event contents

― Light of Kudan coloring autumn ―

Yasukuni Shrine long autumnal night worship
We light up the night precincts in Yasukuni Shrine beautifully, and "light - of Kudan coloring miraitoterasu - autumn" which can do worship (night worship) in atmosphere that worshipers are quiet is carried out this year secondary to last year.

[miraitoterasu-limited special worship]
From every day 17:00 20:30 (the last receptionist)
Money offered to God charges one 500 yen (free of charge lower than primary schoolchild)

Only for the whole period, we carry out "miraitoterasu-limited special worship" in courtyard in front of main hall.
In general, do you not experience the solemn world that you cannot feel?

※Reception desk of official worship in main hall from 8:00 to 16:30

[dedication event]
During period, special event by various groups is carried out as dedication event.
Special event name Conduct group Conduct time Place
Picture scroll between space-time Nonprofit foundation rakugo Arts Council Friday, September 22 18:00 ... Noh theater
Nishimonai Bon festival dance Nishimonai Bon festival dance fans society (Ugo-machi, Ogachi-gun, Akita) Friday, September 22 18:00 ... In front of shrine gate
Friday, September 22 19:00 ...
Awa Folk Dance The north Emperor, kagura ream Saturday, September 23 18:00 ... Approach to a shrine
Court dance and music Gagaku kindred soul society Saturday, September 23 18:00 ... Noh theater
Lion swing of Onagawa Konorihama business group (Onagawa-cho, Oshika-gun, Miyagi) Saturday, September 23 18:00 ... In front of shrine gate
Sunday, September 24 10:30 ... In front of front shrine
Long autumnal night live Swan music classroom It is ... all day at 17:30 Kamiike garden
※Dedication event is free to do visit
※We may be change by weather

[evening of miraitoterasu upward extension]
Sunday, September 24 18:00 - noh theater

[miraitoterasu special writing]
(1) Light up (first torii, approach to a shrine, second torii, shrine gate, front shrine, Kamiike garden others)
(2) miraitoterasu projection mapping (first Toriimae, yushukan)

[open space (sumo wrestling hall) of miraitoterasu rest]
Closed toko, starlit sky writing, child open space
Branch of eating and drinking including kitchen car

※We do not sell alcoholic beverages.
※Please refrain from eating and drinking carry-on of the precincts.
※We would like eating and drinking at appointed place.


yushukankaikanjikan during miraitoterasu period
From 9:00 to 20:30 (last admission 20:00)




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