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wakuwaku Festa with beer garden! Vol.2

Date Saturday, October 7, 2017 from 11:30 to 16:40 (plan)
Place 3, Ogawa-machi parking lot special stage
(3-10-10, Kandaogawamachi, Chiyoda-ku OX Kandaogawamachi parking)
Sponsorship Suruga Her Excellency guryune array street society
Special cooperation
Kurosawa musical instruments store, GUITER PLANET, the tierce end
Reference The "wakuwakufesuta" executive committee secretariat
TEL: 03-3291-3266 (kitchen calorie)

Event contents

Town of town book of town sports of musical instrument
We want to do Ochanomizu well!

 With father holding shop near join of three culture, 3, Ogawa-machi Suruga Her Excellency intersection
"Heated heated festa vol.1" is holding at parking lot that "LIVE BOX in calorie" and "MERI Cafe Live" which began with hot thought of "bringing up first" Ryudo Uzaki jump out of the calorie shop at last in last October and are next to.
 Friends with relationship are the concentration in Ochanomizu and Meiji University, calorie by sponsorship of Suruga Her Excellency guryuneare street society under the support of hometown various fields volunteer whom we sympathized with to yearn of father at second and this time to be. We heap up Ochanomizu by handmade event that we made use of local characteristic in.

[general host]
Junko Suzuki

Ryudo Uzaki
M & K(Vo: MERI Pf: Koji Kamimura B: cherry tree)
Ochanomizu Elementary School sum drum club
Jinichi Okuda (Ishii sports position: mountaineer)
Meiji University cheering party, cheerleading
Masaki Seki & Miho Fujiwara
Tokyo Omotesando Lions Club good point is thick
Hakuraku Kingentei teacher
Mr. Mr. Nozomu Hayashi X Rei Tsumura Jiro "book talk live"

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