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[in general Kanda town nishiyono society of wine] Kanda, Nihonbashi wine Festival 2017

Date Saturday, October 21, 2017 12:00 ...
Reception desk from 11:30 to 15:00
Place Kanda area (reception desk: the neighborhood of JR Kanda Station south exit)
※Please see the back side of flyer.
Access The JR "Kanda Station" south exit
Booking 3,000 yen
※When 1,200 pieces of advance tickets are sold out, please note that there is not today's ticket.
3,500 yen on that day
Wineglass, glass holder, map, with stamp rally card
Capacity 1,200 people
Participation method 1.Ticket the purchase (1,200 pieces of limitation) (e+ (E plus), each participation store)

2.On the day of the event, we receive wineglass map at reception desk and start!

3.Wine of participation shop It is Special Menu for (by each one cup of shop) and preference Please enjoy (separately expense)
Sponsorship It is town nishiyono society of wine in general Kanda
Reference info@kandawine .com

Event contents

Encounter with person and wine and meal.
Kanda, Nihonbashi
Wine Festival 2017

Vinosity volunteer group "want to share wine with many people more. We want to enjoy."
Put thought called this for the word "wain" (wain). Person and wain and festival of meal are held this year!

Bar street "Kanda, Nihonbashi" of businessman. 21 stores are participation for event now at sacred place of wine which stores which delicious wine can swallow up casually gather, and is smart with downtown area casual clothes. Let's feel downtown area taste to wine one hand!

[participation store] Center area
Wine bar yoyo tree of 01 meat Baru Kanda
03 wine restaurant demi eggplant
05 chicken JAPAN
06 fratello (furattero)
07 G'drop

South exit area
08 feelings Japanese dishes bean fortune
09 Kanda French Charmant
10 30's
11 grapes building
12 Pizzeria Bar D'oro Kanda
13 vivo daily stand Kanda shop
14 Kanda gaadoshita
15 vegetable garden Baru CHIBI-CLO

Northwest Exit area
16 leaper Kanda Head Office
17 THE ROSE & CROWN Kanda shop
18 Craftman's Kitchen
19 kit here Neil Kanda
20 Asian Baru frogs
21 brasserie cent berunarudusu

The details of store from wine Festival official page!




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