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[Kanda beer Festival 2017 executive committee] Kanda beer Festival 2017

Date From Monday, July 24, 2017 to Thursday, August 31
Place Mer wisdom cute Kanda forever bridge and restaurant approximately 20 store of Kanda area
Access JR "Akihabara Station" 4-minute walk
JR "Kanda Station" 6-minute walk
JR "Ochanomizu Station" 6-minute walk
Kanda beer Festival 2017 executive committee
The cosponsorship
JR East station retailing
Reference TEL: 03-3257-8910 (main)

Event contents



The advice of Kanda neighborhood "slight intoxication walk"

"Kanda beer Festival 2017" holding!


Approximately 20 stores participate to well-established restaurant, and charm of town, Kanda of beer is sent by beer bar!

Participation store: Beer bar "storehouse kura," "Kanda waits well-established noodle shop "Yabu soba which got caught" "Hitachi field Bruin graphics board" "brasserie cent berunarudusu" "THE Jha BAR"," angler dishes specialty store "peonies" which "shirr, and are famous bird sukiyaki source"

By Kanda beer Festival 2017, we plan stamp rally or music event, talk show in conjunction with participation store.


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