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[association of Chiyoda music society] Day live of musical instrument

Date Saturday, June 3, 2017 Place JAZZ Livehouse NARU, others Access Around Ochanomizu Station Shin-Ochanomizu Station sponsorship Association of Chiyoda music society Reference Association of Chiyoda music society TEL: 03-3293-3791 HP

Event contents

Holding live in 5 venues!

"Day of musical instrument on June 6" when Japan Musical Instruments Association established from custom from old days called ... which did the lesson beginning on 6-year-old June 6 of ... artistic accomplishments in 1970. Even association of Chiyoda music party holds event in connection with it every year. We hold "day in store live of musical instrument" at five places of cooperation stores of popular Ochanomizu last year this year on Saturday, June 3 (on 2nd the eve). And seven sets of artists who are full of the members are scattered in each venue and play wonderful performance.

■JAZZ Livehouse NARU (03-3291-2321)
14:00 - Sota Kira, Futoshi Kikuchi light, Ryoji Orihara
15:30 - Sota Kira, Futoshi Kikuchi light, Ryoji Orihara

■Kitchen calorie (TEL. 03-3291-3266)
18:00 ... in Guy Okuda, M&K MERI, Koji Kamimura, cherry tree
■Cafe pansee (03-3296-4622)
Look after - Terasawa Hiro at 12:00, Hiroki Shindo
15:00 - DICE (gaako, mountain)
■VillageVanguard (03-5281-5535)
18:00 - YOKE & TSUNEI
■GOOD MORNING CAFÉ (TEL. 03-5283-8170)
16:00 - DICE
(gaako, mountain)
17:00 - 5 Days Company (mountain village sometime Hiroaki Kono, Hiroki Shindo)
[the eve] June 2
■T.dining (TEL. 03-5577-5529)
19:00 - Yuka Iizuka, Mitsuko Hatakeyama

Stamp rally is held at the same time, too!