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"Sakura of ... Chiyoda goes round Akiba Deep Travel from Kudan to Akihabara"

Date Saturday, April 1, 2017, 2nd Sunday
Kudan slope SAKURA KANKO sale place meeting, departure → Yasukuni Dori → JR Ichigaya Station = JR Chuo Line local train = JR Ochanomizu Station St. Hashiguchi → Kanda Myojin → Amano-ya (visit, souvenir) → Bellesalle Akihabara (danchu Festival) → FUJI SOFT → We are dissolved at JR Akihabara Station center wicket
Movement from JR Ichigaya Station to Ochanomizu Station is movement on foot other than train, it.
Capacity Ten capacity, two smallest operation staff
Rate Of 5000 yen per person (tax-included)
Primary schoolchild is the rate, too. Preschool child is free (there is not souvenir).
Person who is lower than primary schoolchild needs companion of one 20 years or older.

※Guide charges and train fare during trip are included in tour costs.
※Eating and drinking are not included in our course. Eating and drinking taking a break are possible, but you must bear.

<plan with Deepon>
Of 6000 yen per person (tax-included)
At designated store 15 store of Akihabara, it is advantageous, and gift card "Deepon" (2,000 yen equivalency) which we can experience only by Akiba one piece is very advantageous plan to attach casually.
The Deepon details are to exclusive Web site
Privilege Souvenir of local mall is presented by participant

"Cherry tree tea" of Iidabashi "Mitsugi garden"
Confectionery of Kudan "shie Cima Ichigaya head office"
Akihabara electronics quarter festival, original tote bag
※We take first priority toward the reservation within three days before departure and prepare.
※On the day we prepare for privilege toward the reservation, but, in the case of offer, there is depending on the situation at preparation with replacement or the future.
Application method Apply from form in the following WEB page. Please give me e-mail address in case of application on setting that can receive email from "". In addition, we accept application by telephone (03-6206-9069) during business hours or FAX (03-6206-9079).
<application final day>
April 1 outgoing flight…It is outgoing flight on April 2 until 17:00 on Wednesday, March 29…Until Thursday, March 30 17:00
Sponsorship Akiba.TV Akiba Deep Travel
(Tokyo Governor registration travel agency area 6773)
Reference Akiba.TV Akiba Deep Travel
TEL: 03-6206-9069 ※Business hours weekdays from 10:00 to 17:00 (from Monday to Friday)

Event contents

We make a tour of Sakura of ... Chiyoda from Kudan to Akihabara

Is the Imperial Palace, around Yasukuni Shrine that many people visit at time of cherry tree every year, but in Chiyoda-ku as well as this cherry tree of cherry tree along Chuo Line, Kanda Myojin, cherry tree of Akihabara…nado, beautiful place of cherry tree exist.
This tour planned that we went to look for beautiful cherry tree in form to cross Chiyoda-ku with guide in concept. Furthermore, it is with nice souvenir of local mall.
Please enjoy Chiyoda-ku with our guide while hoping that we can come across beautiful cherry tree in full bloom.

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