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Idemitsu Museum of Arts "container - Japanese and Chinese world of tea ceremony"

Date From Saturday, April 15, 2017 to Sunday, June 4
From 10:00 to 17:00 (as for the admission until 16:30)
Every Friday until 19:00 (as for the admission until 18:30)
Closed days Every Monday
Place Idemitsu Museum of Arts
(the ninth floor of the elevator for exclusive use of the ninth floor of Marunouchi 3-1-1 emperor drama building Idemitsu)
Access JR "Yurakucho Station" International Forum Exit, a 5-minute walk
Yurakucho Line "Yurakucho Station," it is Toei Mita Line "Hibiya Station" Exit B3, a 3-minute walk
Hibiya Line, Chiyoda Line "Hibiya Station"
Exit B3, a 3-minute walk via Yurakucho Line area basement connecting walkway
Admission charges General 1,000 yen / amount of, very much true 700 yen (discounted by for each 200 yen more than 20 groups)
Free of charge (but companion of protector is necessary) lower than junior high student
※Person having disability certificate is discounted by 200 yen, and one sono caregiver is free
Sponsorship Idemitsu Museum of Arts, Sankei newspaper publisher
Reference Hello dial (exhibition guidance)
TEL: 03-5777-8600

Event contents



Container of tea ceremony

   ―The Japanese and Chinese world

When the world of tea ceremony completed by Sen no Rikyu and others in Momoyama era enters in the Edo era, directionality of new tea ceremony by daimyo master of tea ceremony is brought about, and sencha is prevalent more late in the Edo era, too. It is Kyoto ceramic ware, country firing and Hizen porcelain to have colored the world of these tea ceremonies. In addition, it was useful as daimyo's outfit Chinese fabrics, too. In other words, sense of beauty of tea ceremony is established while the world of Han fuses with the sum there. Book exhibition is exhibition to introduce the beauty of container which master of tea ceremony of the Edo era liked and the change to.

The celadon porcelain lower turnip flower bowl
China south Soong Era south Soong official kiln Kashimas transmission important cultural property Idemitsu Museum of Arts
The highlight of book exhibition

(1) In Idemitsu Museum of Arts, it is one pleasure, two bush clovers, three Karatsu!
There are full of exhibitions about tea ceremony this spring in Tokyo. We pay attention to "one pleasure two 3, Hagi Karatsu" in Idemitsu Museum of Arts very much. You can see vegetables with dressing bowl that it has been rejected rating in three high ranks in the world of tea ceremony in a mass. Hagi ceramic ware, Karatsu porcelain which made original style while adopting hand-molded earthenware, teacup of Kokuryo or officer of textiles-style which performed the succession, innovation of tradition of the rustic tea ceremony, and attracted court noble and daimyos. You can enjoy the Japanese alphabet of container of tea ceremony and various expressions.

The Japanese Mito Tokugawas transmission Idemitsu Museum of Arts with black comfort bowl signature Konohana way (non-Ko) in the first half of the Edo era

(2) What is it container "of" Japan and China which were popular in the Edo era?
When the Edo era began, we added to the preference making of domestic ceramic ware of samurai family and court noble which we looked good with, and container for master of tea ceremony was made with China Jingde Town kilns newly, and we were imported by Japan. In addition, we share time and transmitted Chinese fabrics are reevaluated till then and are useful. It was various and colored space of tea ceremony by masters of tea ceremony of the Edo era mixing Japanese and Chinese container, and using. Please enjoy charm not to be able to talk about with a word that container of the color beauty and sharp molding sense or Japanese and Chinese container which enlivened tea ceremony of Edo including container which can excite place in molding and pattern like mysterious time has by book exhibition.

Jingde Town kiln Idemitsu Museum of Arts terminal for Kuniaki Era out of picture fishery products sentence abalone form bowl

(3) Tea service set of great prestigious family, business magnate treasuring in a row
When the Edo era began, tea ceremony should be learned as culture, manners for daimyo, and famous daimyos possessed container of tea ceremony including family to inherit the shogunate. Teacup of Kokuryo of the Fukuoka feudal clan Kurodas transmission of Kyushu that is hometown of Director first generation, Sazo Idemitsu or perfect gem of Takatori firing are introduced by the Tokugawas, former country house, the Dates that became possession of Idemitsu Museum of Arts other than transmitted tea service set by book exhibition afterwards. In addition, as for perfect gem of bush clover bowl of the Kishu Tokugawas transmission and the perfect gem except hall stored possession including Karatsu bowl of the bush clover bowl of bush clover feudal clan Mori House transmission becoming naive as for the exhibition, Hirosaki feudal clan Tsugarus transmission at exhibition, it is done tenkan particularly this time.

(4) It is released after an interval of 13 years. We see treasured "Izumo province storehouse book" and beauty
In daimyo masters of tea ceremony who are in the latter half of the Edo era, 7s feudal lord, Fumai Matsudaira (1751-1818) of Matsue, Izumo feudal clan released storehouse book "Izumo province storehouse book" of collection, tea service set which we possessed after an interval of 13 years. After Naoaki Matsudaira presents 14 points of tea service set perfect gems to Imperial House Museum (the existing Tokyo National Museum) in original 6 separate volumes and 1938, "Izumo province storehouse book" of Idemitsu Museum of Arts storehouse complies with list which edited this list again and is very valuable historical materials. By book exhibition, we put hall stored possession of "Izumo province storehouse book" mention, related works together and are introduced. We may look in one end of tea service set, treasure of daimyo possession.





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