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The second Akihabara film festival 2017

Date From Saturday, April 1, 2017 to 3rd Monday
Place Akihabara UDX theater (4-14-1, Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku UDX4F)
Access JR Line "Akihabara Station" center wicket, 2-minute walk, Tsukuba Express "Akiba
Hara Station Exit A3, a 2-minute walk, Hibiya Line "Akihabara Station" Exit 2, a 4-minute walk
Sponsorship Akihabara film festival executive committee
Reference The Akihabara film festival secretariat (general Chiyoda Industry Promotion Association)
Telephone: 03-6206-8475 E-mail:

Event contents

We can support song while seeing movie
Film festival first utterance screening meeting!

Akihabara film festival (AFF2017) is film festival that specialized Animated Feature Film in comics, the ranobe game original, screening work of the idol lead in the main constituent. Utterance, support, psyllium becoming the first attempt by film festival this time becoming the second perform "utterance screening meeting" available with part work.
In addition, in neighboring venues, idol live, maid live are held at the same time, too. At discount of this live event and partner store around Akihabara, we can enjoy advantageous privilege if we show stub ticket of film festival. It becomes event to have you wait and enjoy the whole of Akihabara.

■Ticket PIA (all seat designation)
Advance ticket release: Until Saturday, March 11 10:00 - Wednesday, March 29 23:59
P cord: 556-624
Web reception desk:
※When unsold seat appears by advance ticket sale, we are going to sell today's ticket at theater reception desk.
※On the day, as for the rate, student, adult comes to increase by 200-300 yen of advance ticket rate together.

■AFF2017 official site

■AFF2017 formula SNS

Akihabara UDX theater MAP