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Edo, Meiji photo studio in cherry tree Festival ... you are trip ... in time in Edo, the Meiji era, too

Date Friday, March 24, 2017, 25th Saturday, 26th Sunday, Saturday, April 1, 2nd Sunday
It is held every 30 minutes until from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Chiyoda City Tourism Association (1-6-17, Kudanminami)
25 sets of /1 day (to one set of up to ten)
Kishimoto land one people (photographic lens history researcher)
Reservation method Apply by fax or email (after filling out the following item).
①In participation preferred date
②Name of Representative (furigana)
③Zip code
⑤Representative contact information phone number
⑥Representative age
⑦The shooting hope number of people
⑧No dressing or which there is desired

<Chiyoda City Tourism Association>
■Fax /03-3556-0392
■Email /
General Chiyoda City Tourism Association
Japanese camera Museum
Others There is kimono rental, dressing service ※Extra charge
Instructions Tourism Association and Kishimoto deliver photograph which we photographed in SNS.
Please order where is impossible of delivery beforehand.
General Chiyoda City Tourism Association
Telephone: 03-3556-0391 (weekdays from 10:00 to 18:00)

Event contents


"Edo, Meiji photo studio in cherry tree Festival"
... you are trip ... in time in Edo, the Meiji era, too

As for the Chiyoda City Tourism Association, "Edo, Meiji photo studio in cherry tree Festival ... you hold trip ... as special event in cherry tree Festival of Chiyoda in time in Edo, the Meiji era, too".
By "cherry tree festival of Chiyoda that recorded 1,119, visit of 000 people," we carry out business particularly in the night of "Chidori-ga-fuchi boat ground" when we can thoroughly enjoy going to see cherry blossoms at night from LED light up of cherry blossom of famous place "Chidori-ga-fuchi city park", the water of moat, and in late years many foreign tourists visit last year around the East Asia zone.
We hold "Edo, Meiji photo studio in cherry tree Festival" as new plan and can take a picture backed by cherry tree and moat, stone wall of Imperial Palace cow ka deep water using lens in the valuable Edo era and camera in the Meiji era this year. There are rental and dressing service of more popular authentic kimono and can do experience that tripped to many people at all regardless of home and abroad in time.
It is intended that we have you photograph as memory of visit backed by Japanese culture, stone wall in kimono toward foreign country at the same time to have this event puts thought to customer of cherry tree visit at the age of the Edo era and photograph in commemoration of oneself, family and friend in commemoration of graduation ceremony in Budokan.

◆Shooting course

A course: It is shooting course with Edo lens + Meiji camera
It is shooting with wooden camera that lens made in L.A. Corporation of London in 1858 was made in the Meiji era in about 1900.
We produce by print method at the time. It is with frame and mails later. It includes the postage. But overseas one is small packing mail charges separately.

➀Normal photographic paper digital print
Size: A4 price: 2,000 yen (tax-included) A course 2L photograph present
➁Glass barium print
Size: A4 price: 5,500 yen (tax-included) A course A4 photograph present
※Data applicant transmits by email for additional 600 yen (tax-included) later

What is glass barium?
Stencil for photographic paper which we applied the glass barium layer to paper which we made for photographs in particular and dried. Image sharp enough is provided while having taste of old photograph.

B course: It is shooting course with Edo lens + modern camera
We touch lens made in dull low company of Paris in about 1860 to digital single-lens reflex camera and photograph. Same day take-out is possible.

①    Photograph one piece 300 yen (tax-included) of degree for 2L
②    One piece of 700 yen (tax-included) with photograph frame of A4 size
※Data applicant transmits by email for additional 300 yen (tax-included) later

■Allied event

[daily - to be stained with kimono DE cherry tree Festival - heart and soul Japanese culture]
We take a ceremonial photograph with lens, camera of Edo, the Meiji era in kimono!

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[- in a mass experience-based with the essence of cherry tree walk and tea ceremony experience - Japanese culture]
We experience cherry blossom viewing and tea ceremony after shooting!

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[a lot of Japanese culture experience - cherry blossom viewing, culture enjoyment - of tea ceremony, incense smelling Japan]
We experience Japanese culture after shooting!

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