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Fair popup; "Taiwanese quality for dai*hinshitsu - daily life. ~"

Date From Monday, January 23, 2017 to Sunday, February 5
※Opening 15:00 opening
Place Mer wisdom cute Kanda forever bridge event SPACE "tatazumai my "
(1-25-4, Kandasudacho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo)
Access JR "Akihabara Station" 4-minute walk
JR "Kanda Station" 6-minute walk
JR "Ochanomizu Station" 6-minute walk
Sponsorship LIP / Vidaway
Reference Mer wisdom cute Kanda forever bridge
TEL: 03-3257-8910 (representative, reception hours from 9:30 to 18:00)

Event contents

Mer wisdom cute X dai*hinshitsu
Taiwanese new star creator and brand make
Pop up that attracted miscellaneous goods is fair

[1] It keeps 70 sets of works of Taiwanese new star creator!

 In fact, Taiwan where renovation culture is more prosperous than Japan. Most of culture spot on behalf of Taiwan perform renovation of landmark architectures.
We got cooperation of "Taiwan Design Center" in high mer wisdom cute o venue of the popularity in Taiwan as commercial facilities where renovation made landmark architecture this time in Japan, and plan realized.
It is Taiwan where food culture is apt to be taken up in many cases in Japan, but there are many high quality design and creative miscellaneous goods.
In venue, actually have them in the hand, and of Taiwanese "make hand" can feel thought. It is large-scale plan that is rare in the whole country where approximately 70 sets of products of Taiwanese creator gather.

[2] We hold event that can discover charm of "stand day system culture" that Taiwan and Japan make together!

Other than Taiwan and live of deep Japanese talk show and musician and others of relation to connect Taiwan and Japan, we hold workshops using Taiwanese material.

<< music live >>
"Wool toohana cafe special live"
Performer: Kazunori Ichikawa (wool and flower), PiA others
With wool which is popular in Taiwan let alone in Japan.
The popularity is constant, and there is cafe "hitsujimo*hana 咖啡" in cafe street of Taipei, Yongkang town now.
We match with this event and release compilation CD of "hitsujimo*hana 咖啡" produce.
We hold Taiwanese popular artist PiA and wool and special live due to flower to cover wool and music of flower with the CD.

<< talk show >>
"Taiwanese guide of three Tanaka" 
Performer: Yusuke Tanaka (representative from LIP) X Rina Tanaka (model / Taiwan guidebook "weekend Taiwan of Rina Tanaka" author) X Rei Tanaka (web media "How to taiwan" chief editor)
Taiwanese guidance talk show by three Tanaka who knew Taiwan well. We talk about charm of Taiwan in each glance.

※Please see HP ( in schedule of music live and talk show.

Mer wisdom cute Kanda forever bridge MAP