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"in Chiyoda which follows achievement of Soseki" of the 150th anniversary of the Soseki Natsume birth

Date Saturday, February 18, 2017 from 9:00 to 12:30 (11:30 - lunch)
※There are forever bridge and station building tour for applicant until from 13:00 to 14:00 (there is no additional charge)
8:30 acceptance start (JR Ochanomizu Station Ochanomizubashi Exit) ⇒ 9:00 guide introduction greetings ⇒ start
⇒Establishment school building ⇒ Meiji University ⇒ Inoue ophthalmology ⇒ Nicolai temple ⇒ Kinmochi Saionji's house ⇒ Kyoritsu school
⇒Arrival lunch ⇒ questionnaire entry ⇒ each person dissolution at 11:30 Shoei bower (plan)
It is forever bridge and station building tour for applicant until from 13:00 to 14:00
JR Ochanomizu Station
The offer number of people 20 (ten smallest operation number of people)
Entrance fee 3,000 yen (it includes noon, guide, insurance, tax service charge) ※The collection of money on that day
General Chiyoda City Tourism Association
Application method Apply by fax or email (after filling out the following item).
①The participation date and time
②Name of Representative (furigana)
③Zip code
⑤Representative contact information phone number (number that on the day we can contact)
⑥Representative age
⑦Companion full name (furigana)
⑧Companion age

<Chiyoda City Tourism Association>
■Fax /03-3556-0392
■Email /
General Chiyoda City Tourism Association
Telephone: 03-3556-0391 (weekdays from 9:00 to 17:00)

Event contents

Soseki Natsume birth sesquicentennial
"in Chiyoda which follows achievement of Soseki"

It is sponsorship, and Chiyoda City Tourism Association powers up tour around the ground of connection of very popular Soseki Natsume and Chiyoda-ku by "Jimbocho, Soseki festival" held in the autumn of last year and appears! In commemoration of Soseki Natsume centenary of the death and the Soseki Natsume birth 150th anniversary, we go round the grounds related to Soseki in Chiyoda-ku with guide. Lunch will have lunch set of "Western-style kakiage" which is famous for what Soseki praised highly at well-established Western-style restaurant "Shoei bower" of Kandaawajicho.

Shoei bower "Western-style kakiage"

 Guide: Misuzu Watanabe (meeting position of Jimbocho concierge, Edo Tokyo guide)

■Recommended points!

➀Neighboring maps are presented Meiji map of Chiyoda-ku!
②"Western-style kakiage lunch set" which is related to Soseki as for lunch at 1907 founding, "Shoei bower!"
③Earphone for free rental to hear voice of guide clearly!


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