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Christmas illuminations ... that Akihabara dazzles and makes with plan - all


Saturday, November 19, 2016, 23rd Wednesday (holiday), Saturday, December 10, 11th Sunday

Meeting place In front of JR Akihabara Station Denkigai Exit green window out of the wicket
Entrance fee
Until 15 sets of 1,500 yen (materials charges) every day
Object From primary schoolchild (in the case of primary schoolchild participation, I would like companion of protector by all means.)
Sponsorship PCN Akihabara ASSEMBLAGE
Reference Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku 1-14-12 former Akihabara radio store
Charge: Makino (firewood), Kinoshita (Kinoshita)

Event contents

Akihabara dazzles and plans
Christmas illuminations ... to make with ... all

Beautiful illuminations to blink at at night speaking of Christmas. Are you enchanted?
Does Christmas of this year not make illuminations "by oneself?"
Let's challenge the making of illuminations only for you by electronic work and programming.
What a finished work is displayed as Christmas display of shop of Akihabara electronics quarter!
After display period, we present work which we produced. It is sure that it becomes special memory, thing?

We can make microcomputer "ichigojam" only for oneself with electronic parts of colorful board & Akihabara!

◆Illuminations that we produced are used in this workshop as decoration of electronics quarter until December 25. Take-out of work is after December 28 (on the day we take away production and do not come). Thank you for your understanding.
◆Rate incurs for the number of people of experienced one. Attendant becomes free.
◆All of you who are lower than primary schoolchild, please participate with protector by all means.
◆In the case of a lot of application, we take primary and secondary student for priority.
◆Sorry for your inconvenience, but you put school name, school year, protector full names together, and, in the case of participation lower than junior high student, please fill out.
◆On the day we photograph photographs to use for event public information.

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