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J-CULTURE FEST (Tokyo International Forum sponsorship)

Date January 1, 2017 (New Year's Day) - 3rd Tuesday
※Lobby gallery until Friday, January 6
Place Tokyo International Forum (Marunouchi 3-5-1)
・Hall A, B7, B5, E
・Lobby gallery
Access JR "Yurakucho Station" 1-minute walk
JR "Tokyo Station" 5-minute walk (we contact Keiyo Line Tokyo Station in B1F basement concourse)
Yurakucho Line "Yurakucho Station" (contact in B1F basement concourse)
Hibiya Line "Ginza Station" 5-minute walk, "Hibiya Station" 5-minute walk
Chiyoda Line "Nijubashimae Station" 5-minute walk, "Hibiya Station" 7-minute walk
Marunouchi Line "Ginza Station" 5-minute walk
Ginza Line "Ginza Station" 7-minute walk, "Kyobashi Station" 7-minute walk
Toei Mita Line "Hibiya Station" 5-minute walk
Sponsorship Tokyo International Forum

Event contents

Let's enjoy New Year holidays of Japan.

We reach Tokyo International Forum opening 20 years in January, 2017.
In commemoration of it, experience, discovery can taste "tradition and innovation" performance and Japanese culture by first-class performer with will of conventional thanks; put development of "theme park together for New Year holidays", and carry out plan to provide opportunity to discover the making of and value in opportunity to get close to in Japanese culture newly.

■We perform "tradition and innovation" publicly
You can enjoy "tradition and innovation" performance by first-class performer playing an active part in field of traditional arts.

January 1 (New Year's Day) hall A
Five - traditions and innovation - "top ITADAKI" of Hiromitsu Agatsuma Japan style immediate communication from one mind to another festival wedge - wedge - it

Japan evolves still more.
"We want to send new sense of values to go to the world while being based on Japanese culture and climate."
The fifth of "wedge" which stood up with artists who approved of thought of such Hiromitsu Agatsuma in 2011.
We meet various guests from various fields and hit wedge to tradition and interval with innovation. By creative session from Japan to the world!
We send "new Japanese style" to chest for pride of Japanese culture.

Time: [the opening] 15:00 [the start] 16:00
Rate: All seat designation 3,900 yen (tax-included) ※1 drink fumishugakujinyujofuka
Appearance: Hiromitsu Agatsuma <samisen player>, shikawakyu*ji <Kabuki actor>,
DAZZLE <dance company>, Toru Tanaka Jiro <Kabuki musical accompaniment>,
Eitetsu Hayashi <tambour>, MIYAVI <artist / guitarist>,
Tsunao Yamai <protagonist spring (komparu) style noh player>, Saori Yuki <singer>
*The artist notation order of the kana syllabary

January 2 Monday (holiday), 3rd Tuesday hall B7
We visualize the traditional beauty of FORM Japan by advanced technology
Mansai Nomura, traditional arts art performance by general direction

FORM (model, style) which is inherent in Japanese culture.
For general direction for Mansai Nomura, picture direction of media artist
Manabe broad-mindedness was staged in meeting, noh stage of Edo-jo Castle
Following "benediction art of ability, Noh comedy," we stage "customary prelude FORM".
Universality of Japanese old FORM,
Modern version, traditional arts to express as the new "beauty" of Japan.

Time: From 12:00 to 13:00 (curtain plan)
Yoshimasa Kanze "Mansai Nomura "customary prelude FORM" latter-half performance "kosahachidankoremai"
   From 16:00 to 17:00 (curtain plan)
"Noh musical accompaniment" meeting of Japanese witch hazel "sham "cut Mansai Nomura "customary prelude FORM" wide at end"
※The every day opening is 30 minutes before start
Rate: All seat designation 3,000 yen (tax-included) ※Preschool child is impossible of entrance
Appearance: Mansai Nomura <Noh comedian>
Ability protagonist: The Yoshimasa Kanze side: morijokogoken: Yoshiyuki Kanze lord of a manor: Atsuo Kanze
Sham fortune's favorite: Yukio Ishida Taro young retainer: Kazunori Takano suppa: Hiroji Fukada
Musical accompaniment flute: Takayuki Isso small hand drum: Yotaro Uzawa (2nd), Kyosuke Tanabe (3rd)
Hand-drum: Tadao Kamei (2nd), Hirotada Kamei (3rd) drum: Yuichiro Hayashi

January 2 Monday (holiday) hall B5
hatsuoto TOKYO sound travelogue

With Mt. shakuhachi, Fujiwara way said to be aristocratic-looking man of traditional Japanese music world
New Year live by popular jazz pianist, Hiroko Kokubu.

Time: [the opening] 13:00/ [the start] 13:30
Rate: All seat designation 3,000 yen (tax-included) ※Preschool child is impossible of entrance
Appearance: Mt. Fujiwara way <shakuhachi musician>, Hiroko Kokubu <jazz pianist>

"FUKUWAJUTSU" that the world accepted

Act of God that the world that broke common sense of ventriloquism that was traditional arts accepted!
Ikkokudo live.
We let the United States, tour in Asia succeed including Las Vegas,
We thoroughly enjoy keen-edged art.

Time: [the opening] 17:00/ [the start] 17:30
Rate: All seat designation 3,000 yen (tax-included) ※Preschool child is impossible of entrance
Appearance: Ikkokudo <ventriloquist>

January 3 hall B5
Danshun Tatekawa one-person show (presentation 90 minutes) ※Thanks sold out

"Danshun Tatekawa" who records new idea on traditional entertainment rakugo.
Of popularity to catch heart of modern people, and to glisten most now
We send art of narration of danharu.

Eternal sound to congratulate good fortune of the New Year

It has been inherited in the Imperial Court for 1,300 years
New Year gagaku with Tokyo comfort place to play eternal sound (Tokyo takes a shit).

Time: [the opening] 17:00/ [the start] 17:30
Rate: All seat designation 3,000 yen (tax-included) ※Preschool child is impossible of entrance
Appearance: Tokyo comfort place <gagaku performance group>

■New Year holidays theme park
The date and time: January 2 Monday (holiday), 3rd Tuesday hall E
Various experience, event that we can discover in New Year holidays when we eat and compete, and Japan including introduction to play and worship in special Shinto shrine is traditional for many well-established skill and perfect gems with celebration rice cake, New Year holidays of zoni. Well, what can I do for you? to enjoy New Year holidays in Japan

New Year holidays food zone

Celebration rice cake making
We demonstrate performance with rice cake which we arranged in contemporary style while conveying Edo atmosphere in now.
After show of light speech skill, let's congratulate New Year holidays by behavior of freshly made rice cake!

Zoni sale of various parts of Japan
The well-established Kyoto restaurant "Ise head" founded in 1715 (Shotoku 5) provides five kinds of zoni eaten in various parts of Japan.

New Year holidays Special Menu of Imperial Hotel
You can enjoy Western-style zoni of Imperial Hotel original and specially made New Year dishes lunch.
● Western-style zoni (consomme makeup, spiny lobster miso makeup)
● New Year dishes lunch ※We sell in amount-limited every day.

Japanese culture Disaster Simulation Zone
New Year holidays are the calligraphy practice at the beginning of the year to kimono. We experienced quintessence of such a Japanese culture by yourself and collected special events to be able to enjoy.

Experience-based corner of the liver
Display of Chichibu meisen fabrics. We demonstrate obi end of dressing and kimono of ceremonial dress.
We can enjoy dressing experience in families. Photography is possible with Queen of Tokyo Kimono, too.

Calligraphy experience corner
The calligraphy practice at the beginning of the year of the New Year is this by all means. Of "sum taste" including sum crest, family coat of arms
We sell smartphone cover. ※Various pay

New Year holidays play open space
We can experience all play in karuta and fukuwarai, open space on tatami mat.
Is play open space for New Year holidays, such as Kendama model performance, glass bead bamboo blind, Kotobuki lion (lion dance)
We show demonstration.

Worship experience corner
We visit a shrine for a new year in Tokyo International Forum in 2017. Special Shinto shrine appears in venue!
We introduce right worship manners in Shinto shrine to seem to know, and not to know.

Long-established store, well-known store zone
Long-established store, well-known store representing each places of the whole country gathers. Please enjoy sampling, sampling on the spot.

We introduce way of enjoying and how to drink sake and,
We perform sampling and work expectation quiz of famous sake.

Taste of Japan
Tradition and innovation of fermentation. Miso of traditional seasoning,
We perform display, sampling, sale of product utilized fermentation technology.

Japanese sweet
We introduce the deep world of Japanese sweet to taste in both eyes and tongue.
We can enjoy handmade experience in workshop.

Folkcraft zone
It reaches each place, and one action introduces many tradition industrial art objects which have been polished to long tradition.

East dyed goods after Kyoto design fine pattern, Japanese paper, jointed paper, freehand drawing yuzen
"East dyed goods after Kyoto design fine pattern" which rides gold Aya paste from paper pattern, and dyes the kimono ground in small pattern,
"Japanese paper, jointed paper" to assume different paper of color and quality one piece of writing paper in patch,
As for the minute "freehand drawing yuzens" to draw kimono like picture by hand, and to dye,
We carry out demonstration and workshop by the first person of various folkcrafts.
It is golden opportunity to watch the skill of artisan close. We perform sale of work and Japanese arts & crafts.

We are doing achievement to extend frame of folkcraft by force on the stage of the world
We invite folkcraft writer every day in rotation.
Through their work, folkcraft cultivated
You can mention technical exquisiteness of handwork.

Omiya bonsai corner
In late years bonsai which attracts attention as "microcosm of the beauty" from foreign countries.
We introduce the highest peak and Omiya bonsai commented on.
We show around characteristic and way of enjoying bonsais with panel and,
We carry out sale of mini-bonsai which you can take home with you.

Stage event

We show various traditional arts to express freshness, activeness of New Year holidays of Japan.
We fail to hear traditional Japanese music by young generation and performance mainly on drum and cry.
Fuku Suzuki appears in navigator, too!

January 2 Monday (holiday) "next generation traditional Japanese music power"

    12:00 - Tsugaru samisen ensemble
    13:00 - traditional Japanese music ensemble
    14:00 - Tsugaru samisen ensemble
    15:00 - traditional Japanese music ensemble
    16:00 - ceremonial dress, kimono show

Tuesday, January 3 "New Year, Edo drum Festival"

    Class 12:00 - sum drum Omoto, Ebara flow drum sound society
    It is Shakujii drum preservation society semba drum - Musashi Kokufu drum "*fu**" at 13:00
    14:00 - Katsushika Suwa drum, Mt. Kanto and drum
    15:00 - Oedo Sukeroku drum
    16:00 - Niko Enokido (koto music)

■Castle gallery ceremonial dress gallery of Japan
The date and time: January 1, 2017 (New Year's Day) - 6th Friday from 10:00 to 20:00
Place: Lobby gallery

Castle gallery of Japan
We arrange Edo-jo Castle, Nagoya-jo Castle, Takamatsu-jo Castle and Japanese map which castle model writer, Susumu Hasegawa produced for 20 years and display model and guide by the supervision and commentary sentence by Professor Hiroshima University Graduate School which is the first person of cultural assets study, Masayuki Miura. In addition, you see "Edo-jo Castle castle tower" model display and map around Edo-jo Castle of the Kanei era period,-based figure of allotment of grounds, panel display of Edo-jo Castle castle tower CG image in addition.

Furthermore, we highlight achievement in revolt of the Kyotoku era that started history of Kanto war-torn country commencing with anecdote to last for bumburyomen in "tadendo*ten" to tie bronze statue and lobby gallery of tadendo*ko standing in the first-floor entrance of Tokyo Station gathering to in the busy change of figure of power to continue to rise of next Hojo and coming to power. At the same time, we draw the history of Edo-jo Castle connected from construction of a castle of tadendo*, Edo of soshi Tokugawa to base remaining at today's Tomi Land with the change of the making of city.

Ceremonial dress gallery
New Year holidays gorgeously! Please enjoy the world of "we are elegant" of peace including fashion show of ceremonial dress.
※In hall E, dressing experience is possible, too.

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