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Interchange symposium of the Iis connection

Date The Sunday, December 4, 2016 14:00 opening of a meeting
Place Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo "hoshiryokaikan" (2-16-2, Nagatacho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo)
Sponsorship Hamamatsu-shi, Hikone-shi
Cooperation Chiyoda-ku
Reference * Sightseeing in Hamamatsu-shi, city promotion section TEL 053-457-2293 html

* Hikone-shi Hikone-jo Castle 410, Tsuiki anniversary promotion room      TEL 0749-30-6143

* Chiyoda-ku business and industry Tourism Division                  TEL 03-5211-3650

* Highway interchange meetings of the whole country                    TEL 092-832-8580

Event contents

... TV saga "woman lord of a castle direct tiger" broadcast memory ...
Interchange symposium of the Iis connection

Appearance of "hikonyan" "Ieyasu, direct tiger" is decided, too!

Naomasa Ii fought by Sekigahara battle with Ieyasu Tokugawa as one of "the Tokugawa four Four Devas" and greatly contributed to establishment of Edo shogunate government. Thereafter the Iis rules the East-West pivotal grounds called Hikone feudal clan and acts as important duty of the Edo Shogunate based in Edo daimyo's mansion and pushes on for Japanese steering.
In NHK TV saga "woman lord of a castle direct tigers televised from January, 2017," story starts from birthplace, Iinoya (good one) of the Iis staying in Hamamatsu-shi. We bring up Naomasa, and woman who built foundation of the prosperity of the Iis, life of Naotora Ii (good inferior) are described.
At "interchange symposium of the Iis connection," we touch charm of relation and Hamamatsu-shi and Hikone-shi of Edo and the Iis.

14:00 ◎ sponsor greetings
               Mayor Hamamatsu Yasutomo Suzuki
         ◎Guest greetings
               Mayor Chiyoda Masami Ishikawa
               Highway interchange meeting representative director Takanari Fujimoto of the whole country
14:15 ◎ lecture <one> "(tentative title) TV saga and history sightseeing"
               Sightseeing in The Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry Committee combination chairperson Yutaka Suda
                It was born in Kyoto for 1,931 years. We are a graduate from the Kyoto University law department, and Japanese National Railways enters the same year in 1954.
                   Through Nagoya Railroad management chief of the bureau, Director traveler with privatization of 1987 Japanese National Railways,
                   We take office as Central Japan Railway Company president. Chairperson and executive director company's for 1,995 years,
                   Consultant company's than 2004. Non profit organization whole country highway interchange meeting advisor. Work
                   Book "new industrial tourism theory," as for "sightseeing, the new community improvement," it is majority "sightseeing in highway".

14:50 ◎ lecture <2> "the Iis and Edo, Tokyo"
               Mr. Mt. the Iis 18s present head of a household Tadashi Ii
                After Kyoto University Graduate School literature graduate course doctoral course unit acquisition withdrawal from school, we serve Hikone-shi.
                   We work now in Hikone-shi Board of Education Secretariat cultural assets section.

◎ talk "makes use of (tentative title) TV saga in town development" at 15:40
               Mayor Hamamatsu Yasutomo Suzuki
               Hikone-shi tall and stout Takashi Kubo
               Coordinator / whole country highway interchange meeting director Koji Tanaka
16:25 ◎ closing greetings
               Hikone-shi tall and stout Takashi Kubo

"ryufuchiji" of Iinoya, Hamamatsu-shi to hide origin legend of the Iis in "Well of cherry tree" of the Iis daimyo's mansion staying in Nagatacho, Chiyoda-ku Castle "Hikone-jo Castle" of the Iis of Hikone-shi


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