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Chiyoda food education, health Festival 2016

Date Saturday, November 26, 2016 from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Place The first floor of Chiyoda-ku government office inhabitant of a ward hall
Sponsorship Chiyoda public health center
The support Chiyoda-ku food education promotion study meeting Chiyoda food education network
Reference Chiyoda public health center nourishment food education chief examiner
TEL: 03-5211-8177

Event contents

Let's go! Let's see! Let's experience!

We hold "Chiyoda food education, health Festival 2016" that a lot of charm about meal gathered for. In food education booth, crop and shelling experience of the making of original curry powder and my chopsticks, shiitake are possible.

On food education stage, we can hear stories such as recipe introductions to enjoy using "pack cooking" attracting attention by not only correspondence at the time of disaster but also meal and the making of baby food of elderly person and vegetables in whole family.

Come in family everybodies by all means.

■Food education stage

  • Demonstration - Christmas dishes of Christmas decoration gorgeously! ...

  • ... so convenient with plastic bag for meal and the making of baby food of cooking "it is pack cooking at the time of disaster meal of life" - elderly person

  • Both child and adult are fine with vegetables! Pleasant "beji katsu" ... simple recipe demonstration ...

  • There is to eat from story - infants of tooth to elderly person safely happily deliciously

■Experience-based booth
  • Shelling experience

  • Food education karuta

  • One step of the dishes beginning not to fail!

  • The measurement of blood vessel age

  • We will check getsu mu power

  • We challenge Christmas decoration

  • Until delicious rice arrives; secret ... of ... U.S. paper bag (be crowded, and want to chew)

  • We will make curry powder

  • The making of chopsticks my with broken bat

  • Display of pack cooking

  • We diagnose nourishment in food model

  • We will pick off! Shiitake of Itoigawa

  • "Chiyoda we are Chiba" Marchais

■Seal rally

We get seal when we participate in experience of food education booth. We can trade with wonderful premium when we collect seals.

■Panel display, the slide screening

Panels introduce the approach situation of food education of ward.

Report distribution of the second Chiyoda-ku food education promotion plan

We made approach of Chiyoda food education guide (the second Chiyoda-ku food education promotion plan) as report by Chiyoda-ku food education promotion study meeting.

We sell "vegetables rather much lunch BOX" in cherry tree bakery

As you sell Chiyoda food education, "lunch BOX" to be able to take vegetables in cherry tree bakery of healthy festival 2016 venue side, please use.
Tofu hamburger steak sand of graham bread, petit bread of black soybean, Oyaki of cabbage, mini-salad enter this lunch box.





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