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2016 Edo-jo Castle walk [whether you are daimyo The up castle course edition third]



Saturday, December 3, 2016 from 10:00 to 14:00 (from 13:00 lunch)

Meeting place Major door front (the Chiyoda 1-1 Imperial Palace)

Ote-mon Gate → Former Edo-jo Castle (walk in Tomi garden) → Ote-mon Gate → Koukiyogaien

Entrance fee

3,000 yen (/ collection of money including lunch charges, insurance charges on that day)


20 every day (application order)

The application deadline Until 17:00 three days before conduct day
Application method

Apply by fax or email (after filling out the following item).
①The participation date and time
②Name of Representative (furigana)
③Zip code
⑤Representative contact information phone number (number that on the day we can contact)
⑥Representative age
⑦Companion full name (furigana)
⑧Companion age

<Chiyoda City Tourism Association>
■Fax /03-3556-0392
■Email /


General Chiyoda City Tourism Association
Telephone: 03-3556-0391 (weekdays from 9:00 to 17:00)

Sponsorship General Chiyoda City Tourism Association
Guide Yoshiyuki Baba (history tour guide)

Event contents


Edo-jo Castle walk (whether you are daimyo that was carried out in October Up castle course edition) and Edo-jo Castle walk (Tourism Association constant seller course edition) all performed in November decided additional tour by extreme popularity. !

Former Edo-jo Castle history guided tour to rotate in guides of delightful guide Yoshiyuki Baba liking talkative person reciteing the history slowly and carefully. Lunch will have Edo Eco kogakuju which reproduced taste of Edo in Nanko rest house while hearing story of chef de cuisine.

Photograph / Imperial Palace East Garden, Ote-mon Gate

Photograph / Nanko rest house, Edo Eco kogakuju