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Two of the 24th Misakicho salon "tomikohanno eraser hanko classroom" it

Date Sunday, November 6, 2016 from 14:00 to 16:00 (opening 13:30 ...)
Place Hotel Tokyo 2F function room "san" of garden
Admission With 3,500 yen drink (include tax, material cost)
Application Apply by online reservation or call.
Reference Hotel Tokyo reservation center of garden
TEL: 03-3293-2228 (from 10:00 to 18:00)
Online reservation
Sponsorship Hotel Tokyo of garden

Main event contents


The 24th Misakicho salon

Two of "tomikohanno eraser hanko classroom" it

"Misakicho salon" of Hotel Tokyo of garden learning old and new Japanese culture happily.
We have to notomikohano lecturer during achievement as eraser woodblock artist, illustrator this time.
Because we carve thing which children like to eraser early in the Showa era and substitute for stamp and played, it begins and, in original culture born in eraser hankoha Japan, is established as one of the now respected print technique.
Of the sexagenary cycle of the next year "take", and ohajime, eraser hankoo product of pleasant motif will make original accessory only for preparations and oneself of one pair of early New Year's card.

[lecturer profile]
Medium makes this out (eraser woodblock artist, illustrator)

Eraser hankode draws everyday humor and pleasure. Mainly on motif of food and person, we are active in magazine, book, advertisement, various fields including TV. We hold workshop at home and abroad.

"tomikonohanko" (river appearance Publishing new company), "eraser hanko Mainichi which we want to use include (Shogakukan creative book) in main book on holiday".



Hotel Misakicho, Tokyo salon MAP of garden