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Specialty of Tokyo, Kanda secondhand book Festival 

Festival of book held in town of world's best book.

Specialty of "Tokyo secondhand book Festival" that reaches the 57th in this year after holding for the first time in 1960. In event to be able to tell to be right festival of book that many book readers arrive from the whole country and foreign countries, it is counted in one of Tokyo of the pastimes that gives poetic charm. "Blue sky library" that bookshelf is installed in place where downtown reaches during period, and book is sold, and there is right huge. We dig, and some book or other should be found by all means. It is chance that can sense fun of world's best book town bodily.

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Jimbocho book Festival


It is shop such as toy box in circle to jostle each other on Jimbocho lily of the valley street.

Jimbocho lily of the valley street "Jimbocho book festival" which is loved in conjunction with secondhand book Festival. Branches of wagon pretty small such as toy box jostle each other on street and seem to totally come to "market". Favorite thing including book and accessory should be surely found. Music stage and delicious branch are fulfilling in venue.

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Kanda sports Festival 2016


In Kanda sports shop street, maker and skiing area are the one action concentration.

Festival "Kanda sports Festival" of sports that Kandaogawamachi sports shop town begins to guess. Maker and each skiing area gather one action and sell advantageous goods and service to winter sports at special price. It is good in season in coming winter. Furthermore, mask wrestler of sports and curry of Kanda appears by held Kanda professional wrestling at the same time? Let's taste confrontation of Riki Osako close!

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Ochanomizu JAZZ festival

The festival tenth anniversary of memorable Ochanomizu JAZZ is 2 D!

Musician Ryudo Uzaki (Meiji University special person who has rendered distinguished services, law department native place), songwriter Yoko Aki (Meiji University special person who has rendered distinguished services, department of literature native place), Ochanomizu JAZZ festival executive committee (comfortable friend society: light music circle alumnus society, Meiji Univ. town planning dojo studio: student volunteers) play a key role and "plow town of Ochanomizu" with "the repayment of favor to town of old school" and they hold the first in 2007 and finally invite the tenth anniversary to o concept this year.

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Ochanomizu ardent musical instrument festival

Music festival "Ochanomizu ardent musical instrument festival" that sacred place of musical instrument, Ochanomizu musical instruments store town begin to guess

"Ochanomizu ardent musical instrument festival" of Ochanomizu musical instruments store street. We increase venues with 3 stages and give the whole town of Ochanomizu in music this year. "Look after Terasawa Hiro, and begin in & Meiji Univ. harmonica league" in Ochanomizu sun Clair station square;, "oresukabando," is performance of "Okuda ❝ in Guy ❞ British person" "brittle". In sankugaden open space, is Enjoy the aquarium, musical instrument trial lesson, God Boys NEO meet-and-greet event, Meiji Univ. global hall, "JAZZ live for child" of "Okuda "suingi" British person & David Matthews" "God Boys NEO" as for the performance of "Akihabara Ward suisogaku corps." 3 stages which is full of variety, please participate!

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Ochanomizu art picnic

"Let's go to forest of art!"

Outdoors art event "art picnic" to be carried out every year using the town whole area of Tokyo, Ochanomizu in October that suime;meikeitsu ri society of tea hosts. Is run led by student of university, technical school of neighborhood and pro-art university in the suburbs of Kanto, genre of participation group is art and drama, picture, literary arts, music, building, many divergences including medical care, too. We reach the thirteenth in this year and become place of free original expression that we made use of climate of town in.

Town of ... Ochanomizu is makeover in forest of art! With many creators living in forest, we will touch pleasure of making under the blue sky. It is surely said, and you should be able to meet thing if we walk forest colored by many colors and sounds while we are blown for picnic feeling by autumn wind. ...

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Tokyo big turn corridor photographic contest prizewinner exhibition

"Tokyo big turn corridor photographic contest" hosted by Chiyoda City Tourism Association. From "741 points" of works which had you apply for photographic contest, we display work which fully shows charm of Chiyoda, and won a prize. Please enjoy new Chiyoda through filter.

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We include northeastern part of Tokyo downtown area, 1000, Tanne Yushima Hongo Ueno Jimbocho Akihabara Kanda. 

Art project "TRANS ARTS TOKYO" which is cross genre that utilized various space of city reaching the fifth turning point in 2,016 years. We name area leaving 1000, Tanne, Yushima, Hongo, Ueno, Jimbocho, Akihabara, appearance as culture resources including Kanda that pulled modern times from the Edo era to the Meiji era "UP TOKYO" on Tokyo this year as place to carry future Tokyo on. It is the last age to make former Tokyo Denki University ruins venue and pushes forward various projects to spread through town in earnest, and to come from community. Person mixes with various people this year, and, in autumn when town of Jinden, Tokyo does well by various events, please sense "TRANS ARTS TOKYO" drawing creativity and charm of new Tokyo bodily.

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Jimbocho film festival

Famous Jimbocho ever does well as "town of silver screen" as town of book. For the heyday including Nishikicho, nishikikikan where we led by Iwanami hall of existence of pioneer of mini theater, movie performance, there is movie theater of 8 building in proximity area, and there is still characteristic mini theater which there is attracting Jimbocho theater, Iwanami hall and movie fan. From town, Jimbocho "of such" mini theater, we convey charm of independent film, and new tide of independence wants to be caused! In this, film festival "Jimbocho film festival" of kompedishon form stands up from last year. Let's sense film festival that we powered up more and more in the second and this year to be bodily by all means. We aim at film festival to be able to enjoy all together for parent and child three generations!

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Kanda curry Grand Prix 2016


In this year to the sixth, festival of substantial Kanda curry!

Extreme popularity, festival curry Grand Prix of "Kanda curry." Many visitors flock as soon as hold the first year, at a stretch of autumn of Chiyoda popular. Kanda-cho eats their way, and stamp rally and grand prix deciding match are brook open spaces, and they are held this year. Kanda curry NO.1 of this year in hand of anyone! It is you to decide! We do in this!

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"Coffee collection" of supreme bliss that one cup of the world's highest mountain can taste in Kandanishikicho where genuine coffee culture roots in

We taste coffee in cafe while reading book. Festival of coffee begins in town Kandanishikicho where coffee culture roots in for a long time this year. 10 stores open a store for two days and provide discerning coffee (single origin) in hand drip coffee. Please experience difference of taste and roast method of bean which each well-known store chose with coffee served on the same condition, individuality of barista. Have town walk by all means if we have one cup in our hand to favorite. Autumn Kanda is waiting for you.

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Jimbocho, Soseki festival

"Can yaa, you see me?."

In Jimbocho that is this year equal to 100 years, ground related to Soseki after Soseki Natsume death
Memory event that featured the theme of "Jimbocho and Soseki" is held.

It is various opportunities when it is attractive and can touch of Jimbocho while tracing features of Soseki such as sale of "Jimbocho cake of high quality set" which talks, and was associated with Soseki who was event, person having a sweet tooth touching the world of the chanting of a Noh text that town walk guided tour, Soseki by Soseki and demystification while we go round the grounds related to work, Jimbocho concierge and university professor loved.

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Special tour of Akiba Deep Travel autumn

Let's experience deep Akiba!

Walking experience tour Akiba Deep Travel from Akihabara holds special tour in autumn festival season. We prepare popular attraction "Akiba cart" and Agency for Cultural Affairs media art festival and various specialties including electronic work tour.

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Stone wall Cruise and Edo-jo Castle walk of Edo-jo Castle outer moat

"Stone wall Cruise & Edo-jo Castle walk of Edo-jo Castle outer moat" to be available on Saturday, October 8. In ship which searches for trace of the Edo era while performing Cruise of Nihonbashi, the Sumida River, the Kanda River, Ochanomizu Valley to trip! Special tour of commentary that we take a walk through Imperial Palace former Edo-jo Castle by land this time, and special guest "Hibiya book culture building curator" depends on directly afterwards.

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Edo-jo Castle walk


Three plans are born for annual Imperial Palace tour "Edo-jo Castle walk".

Three courses were born for Chiyoda City Tourism Association purezentsu, autumn Edo-jo Castle walk. "Chiyoda City Tourism Association constant seller course" "are you daimyo, too? With luxurious 3 bookends of up castle course edition "edition which * asks for walk picture letter", we can sense charm of Imperial Palace former Edo-jo Castle bodily.

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Akihabara hospitality fair 2016

"Akihabara hospitality fair" that Akihabara electronics quarter promotion society hosts. In one that was bought at store participating fair, we prepare for "hospitality" of various privileges and discount including mall shopping ticket and souvenir.

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Sotobori Canale

Candle event "Sotobori Canale" which utilized Edo-jo Castle outer moat. Using waste oil candle, we carry out the candle night. Based on three concepts of environmental enlightenment, outer moat charm rediscovery, area interchange, we aim at autumn pastime that gives poetic charm in Chiyoda-ku.

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