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Coffee collection around 2016, Kandanishikicho AUTUMN

Date 2016.10.29 Saturday - 10.30 Sunday from 11:00 to 18:00
※It is schedule of main meeting place. Please see URBAN WALKING on the date for other meeting places.
Place Terrace square entrance (3-22, Kandanishikicho)
Meeting place of area
Nishiki-machi traditional fashion square / Mi Cafeto Café&brasserie HITOTSUBASHI / L'Astre / HAPPY COOKING / takebikenhonchohonten
Access Hanzomon Line, Shinjuku Line, Toei Mita Line "Jimbocho Station" Exit A9, a 2-minute walk
Tozai Line "Takebashi Station" 3b exit, a 5-minute walk
Admission Free of charge ※There is a charge for drink and goods, participation of workshop.
Sponsorship COFFEE COLLECTION executive committee (EDITORY Jimbocho)
Reference EDITORY Jimbocho
TEL: 03-3263-0202 ※Weekdays from 10:30 to 19:30

Event contents

Good coffee, Good culture

"Coffee collection" of supreme bliss that one cup of the world's highest mountain can taste in Kandanishikicho where genuine coffee culture roots in.
10 stores open a store for two days and provide discerning coffee (single origin) in hand drip coffee.
Please experience difference of taste and roast method of bean which each well-known store chose with coffee served on the same condition, individuality of barista.
Have town walk by all means if we have one cup in our hand to favorite. Autumn Kanda waits for you.

・Paul Bassett (pole Bassett)
・COUNTERPART COFFEE GALLERY (counter part coffee gallery)
・Elska + heart coffee (L ska + heart coffee)
・Single O japan (thing Rouault Japan)
・FIVE ELEPHANT BY 4/4 SEASONS COFFEE (five elephant by oar seasons coffee)
・Bar Zingaro (virgin Gallo)
・Fuglen Tokyo (globefish Ren Tokyo)
・VERVE COFFEE ROASTERS SHINJUKU STATION (vavukohirosutazushinjukusuteshon)
・TRUNK COFFEE BAR (trunk coffee)
・GLITCH COFFEE & ROASTERS (glitch coffee & roasters)

2016 World Brewers Cup (world meeting)
Coffee seminar by Asian first champion Kasuya

It is easy to serve coffee deliciously.
But it may be difficult "what kind of thing is it to be delicious?".
While telling what kind of thing taste of world standard is,
We give a lecture on method to serve coffee deliciously with demonstration.
※Each *2 time of time 90 minutes program, capacity to up to 12 people
[meeting place of the day]
Please gather for acceptance in terrace square meeting place if it becomes ten minutes before seminar start.
Entrance fee: 3,000 yen (tax-included) ※For once


We sell "5 cups TICKET" which genuine taste of all world coffee stores which gathered in meeting place can enjoy for each 250 pieces of advance sales on 10.29 Saturday and 10.30 Sunday.
(we do preparation for the day, but there are few numbers.)
※We provide with cup of one cup of 90cc per 1 store.

Advance ticket: 1,000 yen (tax-included) ※We refer to ⇒ HP for five cups

"5 cups TICKET" is to compare by drinking, and it is objective ticket to enjoy difference of individuality of each store and taste of coffee beans which we chose.
Freshly brewed person who wants to taste one cup recommends that we have you choose favorite shop from each coffee store of the day.
※All store one cup 500 yen (tax-included)

5CUPS & 3Bean to Bar Chocolate
Special set (three kinds of one share of size) with chocolate of “ Bean to Bar Chocolate specialty store "Minimal" which manages all steps before choosing cocoa bean of good quality from all over the world, and pulling, and there being chocolate bar rate from cocoa bean in the stocking, company studio, and produces
※Only advance sale limits the first 50 people. It becomes 5 cups TICKET and same price case.

[about 3 Bean to Bar Chocolate]
It is objective ticket 3 Bean to Bar Chocolate finds favorite chocolate matching coffee by yourself, and to enjoy. You can purchase one that wants to thoroughly enjoy Bean to Bar Chocolate in "Minimal" booth.

Advance ticket: Cf. 1,000 yen (tax-included) ⇒ HP



The first photo exhibition that photograph joint ownership model cafe application "CafeSnap" to send charm of "glittering cafe of individuality" to does "COFFEE COLLECTION" and collaboration that world coffee house selected carefully gathers and carries out.
It recruits photographs which are art that cafe published in CafeSnap was refined by subject. We display work chosen after fair examination at the time of holding of COFFEE COLLECTION in meeting place.

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