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The thirteenth Ochanomizu art picnic (Ochanomizu Meikei Street society sponsorship)


Friday, October 7, 2016 (cherry tree tooth festival), 8th Saturday from 10:00 to 18:00, 9th Sunday from 10:00 to 17:00

Place me;meikeitsu ri, according to relation, new Ochanomizu building dengue, neighboring building open spaces accessible to anyone of Segawa Building, the Mitsui Sumitomo sea, Hijiribashi, Ochanomizu Bridge, Nicolai temple, Kanda Myojin, Yushima temple of Confucius, tochinoki street others
Access JR Ochanomizu Station 0-minute walk, Tokyo Metro Shin-Ochanomizu Station 0-minute walk
Simultaneous holding Cherry tree tooth festival (Nihon University school of dentistry)
Sponsorship Ochanomizu Meikei Street society
Plan administration Ochanomizu art picnic executive committee Ochanomizu Quartier Latin design promotion meeting
Reference The secretariat: 03-3814-0310

Event contents


The thirteenth Ochanomizu art picnic

  Outdoors art event that is performed every year using the town whole area of Tokyo, Ochanomizu in October that suime;meikeitsu ri society of tea hosts. Is run led by student of university, technical school of neighborhood and pro-art university in the suburbs of Kanto, genre of participation group is art and drama, picture, literary arts, music, building, many divergences including medical care, too. We reach the thirteenth in this year and become place of free original expression that we made use of climate of town in.
Theme of this year "will go to forest of art!"

Town of Ochanomizu is makeover in forest of art! With many creators living in forest, we will touch pleasure of making under the blue sky. It is surely said, and you should be able to meet thing if we walk forest colored by many colors and sounds while we are blown for picnic feeling by autumn wind.

* Pocket park 10/8.9

We make small park "pocket park" in venue. We have you use freely, and comfortable shindeitadaketaranato thinks of art picnic. Furthermore, it enlivens art picnic by venue constitution in connection with "forest of art".

* Capps 10/8 to perform together
Play glass to rhythm of music with Capps; is very comfortable
We do and are and are play. Do you not feel music using body close? ?
We decorate glass cutely and try to make original glass

* Music Festival 10/8
In sun Clair open space before JR Ochanomizu Station St. Hashiguchi, music makes space overflowing all day led by artist of big band formation. We can enjoy from child to adult widely.

* Street live 10/8
We perform live in in front of Hidaka-ya of vehicle-free promenade and Meikei Street which we did and two places in front of Ochanomizubashi Exit of Ochanomizu Station. We can enjoy Ochanomizu filled with music routinely to perform on street.

* Let's complete xylophone of forest together! 10/8
"Xylophone of forest" which matched "music" of town planning dojo studio with theme "forest" of art picnic of this year. By power of everybody coming to venue, please make keyboard colorful, and there is performance of ☀ handicraft xylophone, too!

* Entertainment live 10/8
Entertainment live that becomes cherry tree tooth festival common usage! We will have you appear on naitsu of comedian this year! It is the start in JR Ochanomizu station square special event space from 10/8( soil) 15:00. Rare chance to be able to see naitsu close! Come by all means!

* Flea market, fair 10/8
We contribute proceeds of flea market through total amount, Nihon University.
In addition, each club activity of Nihon University school of dentistry establishes various stands. "We want to eat something delicious…"You who thought so! By all means to cherry tree tooth festival flea market, fair booth!

* Citizen open lecture 10/8
The cause of theme of "rehabilitation ... of ... function to eat to live beautifully happily deliciously", please give a lecture to Ueda, professor of hospital eating function therapy department attached to Nihon University school of dentistry. In addition, we actually plan sampling experience of given hospital diet at hospital attached to school of dentistry.

* Daily dentist 10/8
It is full of corners to be able to learn about experience-based corner and corner seeing intraoral bacteria of oneself, dentistry including dental check up to reduce caries like dentist! We look forward to visit of everybody to the world of dentistry without usually touching!

* Roadside magic show 10/8
We jump out from Nihon University school of dentistry and perform roadside magic show this year! We lose the world mysterious on the way looking around forests of art, and is it not crowded?

* It is my town 10/8.9 town model exhibition
Model of various "towns" which Nihon University department of science and engineering town development engineering course first graders who specialize in town development, and work hard at study every day produced colors venue. What kind of town is your favorite "town?"

* Changing clothes fashion show 10/8
The leading role of fashion show is you! You change by four coordinates, and please vote with flower!

* Because we write, we do not become dirty with water! Mysterious "letter experience" that disappears ♪ 10/9
It is calligraphy classroom under the blue sky to be able to enjoy from child to adult. Even one that is weak in calligraphy as we can write with water many times is all right. Let's design favorite words or name splendidly. (entrance fee for free)

* This and desolate karuta 10/9
This and lacking karuta do not have decided answer. We play with a choice of photograph which we associated to hear words. You provide for voice in heart in secret, and please speak why you chose the label. And person who met for the first time and close person are alone, and please drop in aimlessly today.

* Paint shooter! 10/8
"Color" of Ochanomizu has been taken by boss of evil? Let's regain color using developed super hyper color cancer, popular name "paint shooter" especially in town of Ochanomizu! It is target practice of new sense to beat against mark using water gun.

 * Space work classroom 10/8
Space cafe holds annual "space work lesson". We prepare for work of space which you can enjoy in parent and child and look forward to challenge of everybody this year. Product spurts, and, using imminent materials, do you not feel space?

* Microskirt picture book library 10/9 to make together
Using iPad application, we will experience the making of original mini-picture book of palm size. If display works of all, the completion of small small downtown library ♪ From 10:00 to 16:00 (at last reception desk 15:00, we rain out)

* It is picnic 10/8.9 by chance
We go on a picnic on road of Meikei Street. Way is place that is filled accidentally, and overflows where various encounters lie hidden in not passage point to go to objective place. We think that there is opportunity when various things mix by going on a picnic. If unexpected memory is possible at place visited for the first time.

* It is graffiti 10/8.9 with chalk on street
Taking the ease comes to right in the middle of Tokyo, street of Ochanomizu with chalk with all one's might, and let's do!

* It is * itemiyo 10/8.9 with face own with artist
We will draw own face on big, pure white canvas with artist.
There are a lot of portraits of person of shop working in Ochanomizu. It is pleasant to look for where you work.

* Resplendence of all sorts of flowers - Ochanomizu Kanda Myojin - 10/9
It is action unit war 'S (sense) which is active in Tokyo! "Oguro" and "Chinese Gods of four seasons" worshiped this time on the stage of Ochanomizu by Kanda Myojin charm story of "white rabbit of Inaba" by sword dance and sum performance, fight scene!

* Storyteller and Ochanomizu history walk and storytelling experience 10/8.9 which go
We perform Ochanomizu history walk and storytelling experience to walk around Ochanomizu Station with storyteller. After having had you listen to copybook which comments on storytelling clearly, and distributes text, and reads text, we have you speak with all the participants together and, also, have several applicants announce in front of desk.

Manager portrait contest 10/8.9 which student draws
Student of Institute of Tokyo designer creates portrait of manager of each me;meikeitsu ri store lined with 90 stores. In what kind of shop, what kind of person will there be? With panel installed in me;meikeitsu ri three places, please vote for picture that I think, "we want to meet".

* Art school 10/8.9

We learn the Japanese alphabet of art and can sense pleasure to make bodily. Anyone can participate by no appointment necessary.

* Ochanomizu best sketching meet joint review society 10/9 in Japan
Let's describe town, Ochanomizu of culture and the history! Participation is OK empty-handed, too! As there is preparation for coloring, participation in child and parent and child is welcome, too. Joint review society that is me;meikeitsu rinite size scale which is main street holds after sketching!

* Picture book 10/8 which is connected
We make enokigenkyusai (mere ENOMOTO Hisa) of graphic designer / illustrator lecturer and one participant is in charge of page 1 and, under the theme of town of Ochanomizu, makes picture book of one together. Finished picture book is displayed later in bookstore of the station square, Maruzen Ochanomizu store!

We introduce tourist attraction including historic spot "watching" 
We introduce restaurant information "eating" 
We introduce art museum or park which "learn, and are idle" 
We introduce souvenir shop and satelite shop "buying" 
We introduce "staying" hotel information 
Under "mutter sightseeing" to murmur sightseeing information on Twitter every day delivery
  Sound guide "voice navigator" around the Imperial Palace to listen to with cell-phone

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