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Brocade party (KIN-EN) "summer festival"


Wednesday, August 10, 2016 from 17:00 to 21:00

Place It is held as terrace square (3-22, Kandanishikicho), Nishiki-machi traditional fashion square (3, Kandanishikicho) main venue!
Access It is a 7-minute walk from Tokyo Metro Otemachi Station C2b exit to Kandanishikicho area
Rate Drink & Food Ticket4 piece + lottery ticket + brocade party AFTER PARTY TICKET "brocade party ticket"
Is releasing, and is considerably accompanied by lottery ticket for 2,500 yen great admiration; and is 2,500 yen intax on the day of advance sale 2,000 yen intax
Sponsorship The "brocade party" secretariat
Reference "Brocade party" secretariat TEL 080-3255-8628 [Sakamoto]

Event contents


Charm is town which improved, and, by redevelopment of historical town, let's enjoy summer festival more!

Brocade party (KIN-EN)

"Brocade party" Of this way of enjoying,

① We purchase ticket set!
We have a party in four pieces of drink & food tickets, lottery tickets, after
We purchase ticket that admission ticket was bundled! (advance sale 2,000 yen)

②We check participation store and performer information!
Every each store, we prepare for various drinks, cooking for "brocade parties". In addition, various performers appear on every each store!
We confirm curious shop, curious performer!

③Let's use ticket!
There is menu which we can purchase with one piece - two pieces at each store.
We OK even if we all use in favorite shop even if we recycle in various shops!
Please enjoy while seeing performance of artist!

④We participate in lottery!
Ticket has lottery ticket, too!
If use up, is GO! 1 ticket set in lottery venue; of once can draw lots! For additional matter on the day of course lottery ticket! 
We turn gallaGullah and get premium! 

⑤We walk town! 
We meet with various performers making an excursion when we walk town! We will pick quarrel if we meet without escaping! 
We can spend happy time when we cannot experience at normal!

⑥ We participate in party in after!
"Brocade party" shuengo will go to party with stub of ticket set of this in after! 
We have show of special guest participating only in party in after, and, including the person concerned, let's enjoy the last party together!

⑦We soak ourselves in lingering sound
We take pleasant memory in photograph and touch # brocade party # Kandanishikicho in facebook, Instagram and post! 
We put together on the next date and confirm!

1st when both the sponsorship side and participant enjoy local one together! 
Kandanishikicho is interesting! 
Please sense bodily!


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