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Beer garden "Terrasse" of the heavens (Tokyo Sankei Building)

Date From Monday, May 1, 2017 to Saturday, September 30
It is at the time of no stormy weather on temporary holiday on regular holiday
Business hours
From 17:00 to 23:00 two hours system
Last order 21:00
(on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays from 12:00 to 22:00 last order 20:00)
Reservation is possible. On the day we prepare seat.
We make reservation basically for one month.
(e.g.,: as for the reservation in June on May 1 ...)

070-5545-9045 (dial for exclusive use of reservation)
Reception hours from Monday to Saturday (celebration is excluded on day) from 12:00 to 20:00
Set dishes, two hours all-you-can-drink
(draft beer, craft beer, barrel sparkling wine, sour drinks, cocktail, wine, detox water)
Reservation is possible. On the day we prepare seat.
Of 4800 yen per person (it includes consumption tax)
Every Monday is Ladies' Day
4,000 yen (it includes consumption tax) that is discounted by 800 yen only as for the woman

※Credit card impossibility
(it should be handling only for cash.)
Each subway line "Otemachi Station" A4, Exit E1 direct connection
We cannot make reservation. Please be careful.
Inquiry time: Like business hours
1-7-2, Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
The fourth floor of Tokyo Sankei Building
You can go on the fourth-floor "Terrasse" (terasse) from Otemachi Sankei plaza the third floor.

Event contents

We came first in Yahoo! search "Tokyo beer garden" in 2015
That beer garden is open this year

Theme of this year "Feminine&Spice" (feminine & spice). Beer terrace for adult girl is open!

■While there is in urban building group in terrace space in the fourth floor of the building, wind goes through "beer garden Terrasse of the heavens", and good open feeling of view is space that there is. "Beer garden Terrasse of the heavens" of this year prepares beer terrace for adult girl for concept in "Feminine & Spice".

Set menu which aimed at the healthy beauty to body easily
It was delicious and prepared to be glad for greedy adult girl by menu which granted the healthy beauty.
* Beautiful SANTE plate:
Dishes which were rich in garlic toast, smoked salmon and soy seasoned with grated Japanese pepper cream cheese, bruschetta of salt with ricemalt tomato, net net French fries dried pollack dried cod Mayo source, soft shell shrimp spy sea deep frying, Chile beans and variety
* Salad:
Basket salad → As for the salad which we do candy parcel in basket and prepared, flowers (Eddie bulldog flower) which we can eat are studded with and are like bouquet (bouquet).
* Main plate:
Girl carnivorous in pork sparerib, tornado sausage, tandorichikimpuroshietto is voluminous feel of satisfaction, too
* Meal:
Green curry of soybean meat, 16 grain (soybean meat reducing a sense of guilt after having eaten in one of green curry of full-scale bitterness that used spice abundantly a lot. Texture and reputation such as chicken.)
* Dessert:
With mango source two kinds spice with coconut ice basil seed (chilled dessert nice last of meal. We use super food in the southern country-like finish.)

Super food
Super food of ingredients which nutritive value is extremely in comparison with general food high in.
We pay attention to Japanese super food this year.
We aimed at menu which granted wish of greedy adult girl.
* Super food
Smoked salmon (smoked salmon and soy seasoned with grated Japanese pepper cream cheese)
Salt with ricemalt (bruschetta of salt with ricemalt tomato)
Beetroot (basket salad)
Basil seed (with mango source two kinds spice with coconut ice basil seed)

Discerning drink
We still added rare craft beer and barrel sparkling wine to all-you-can-drink in beer garden. In addition, up-and-coming detox water is served without limit recently, too. In addition, we can make original cocktail & frozen cocktail using syrup of monan which we prepared more than ten kinds, too.
In this summer, how is adult girls-only gathering in beer garden having greedy hope realized?

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