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This if is not crowded, enshrine Star Festival dream (shinni*kaishusai)

Date Bamboo grass decoration setting period
From Monday, June 20, 2016 to Thursday, July 7
Place Yasukuni Dori (Kudanshita - Sudacho)
Sponsorship shinni*kai
Reference The secretariat
TEL: 03-3262-7778

Event contents

To Star Festival decoration of Yasukuni Dori (Kudanshita - Sudacho)
Do you not tie up strip of paper which you wrote wish?

In Yasukuni Dori mall alliance society, we install bamboo grass decoration of 100 total number in front of member shop. Please tie up strip of paper with all dream and wish of everybody to bamboo grass decoration.

We distribute strip of paper free at store with bamboo grass decoration.
In addition, we present bamboo grass decoration (artificial flower) to be able to display in home to the first 1,000 people.
(present is finished as soon as we disappear every store) ※It is one per person

<Star Festival legend and bamboo grass decoration>
kahiko loved Vega of hard worker in daughters of Lord of Heaven and got married, but connubiality was fun, and Vega did not do grasshopper (break off) and has stopped that kahiko chased cow. Lord of Heaven separates anger, two people across the Milky Way, and it is Star Festival legend to have allowed to meet once a year only on July 7.

It was the Edo era, and manners and customs to add decoration in hope of perfect state of health and business prosperity, progress of art to small bamboo seemed to spread out to general public. There are various forms to bamboo grass decoration including shabby clothes, casting net, litter-bin, strip of paper, but each seems to have a meaning. Strip of paper writes character and seems to be decoration in hope of progress of study and calligraphy.




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