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Tohoku six holding a ceremony for the dead 2016

Date Saturday, June 25, 2016
・Event from 10:00 to 20:00
・Parade from 17:00 to 19:50
Sunday, June 26, 2015
・Event from 10:00 to 17:00
・Parade from 12:30 to 15:20
Place The Aomori city
・Event: Blue sea Park, Aomori station square park, open space of the wa rasse west, the Hakkoda-maru outskirts, Shinmachi Street
・Parade: ... Hashimoto intersection point in front of blue forest Park
Sponsorship Northeastern six holding a ceremony for the dead executive committee
Reference (reception hours weekdays from 9:00 to 17:00)
Aomori-shi Tourism Division Tohoku six holding a ceremony for the dead Aomori holding team
TEL: 017-734-5179/017-734-2418
Sightseeing in Aomori Chamber of Commerce and Industry interchange promotion section TEL: 017-734-1311
Association of sightseeing in nonprofit foundation Aomori convention TEL: 017-723-7211

Event contents


"Northeastern six holding a ceremony for the dead" that festivals of six northeastern prefectural seats gather in a hall in hope of revival and requiem from the Great East Japan Earthquake. In this year to go around six prefectures, Tohoku six holding a ceremony for the dead moves the stage to last ground, Aomori-shi. And three large-scale Nebuta comes up this year and show further upsurge. Stage publicizing festival of each city and folk art in Akita is established, and there is sale booth of special product in neighboring open spaces, too.
In Tokyo's 23 wards, we support "northeastern six holding a ceremony for the dead" as part of local cooperation.

○Northeastern six holding a ceremony for the dead parade

Place: - Hashimoto intersection point (Route 4) in front of blue forest Park (Route 7)
"Festival "Aomori Nebuta Festival of six Tohoku," "Fukushima straw sandals festival" parades around in front of blue forest park (Route 7) - Hashimoto intersection ahead (Route 4) (approximately 1km) "Sendai Star Festival Festival" "Yamagata flower shade Festival" "Morioka sansa dance" "Akita street lamp Festival". Three large-scale Nebuta comes up, and further upsurge is expected this year. Please enjoy northeastern proudhearted "contest of soul"

○Northeastern six holding a ceremony for the dead main open space
Place: Blue sea Park
"Large size vision relaying stage and six cities 6 Festival booth showing festival of six Tohoku, supporting company booth, Tohoku six holding a ceremony for the dead parade is installed."

○marutto Aomori open space
Place: Open space of the wa rasse west
"Folk art is shown on vaunted special product sale, stage of various places throughout the prefecture, too."

○Northeastern gourmet open space
Place: The Hakkoda-maru outskirts
"Gourmet stand using local ingredients of six prefectures of Tohoku flocks."

○Six soul Fes!
Place: Link station hall Aomori
By "power of music that popular artists play, we send hope and vitality toward northeastern revival."

○Shinmachi craft open space
Place: Shinmachi Street
"We sell work of craft writer and creator around Tohoku."

○Benefit One open space
Place: Aomori station square park
"Experience-based booth and eating and drinking stands to be able to enjoy in parent and child gather."