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[National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo] Voice noma whole body poet, Gozo Yoshimasu exhibition

Date From Tuesday, June 7, 2016 to Sunday, August 7
From 10:00 to 17:00 (on Friday until 20:00)
※Admission until 30 minutes before closing
Closed days Monday (but we are opened on July 18), Tuesday, July 19
Place National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo
(3-1, Kitanomarukouen, Chiyoda-ku)
Access From Tokyo Metro Tozai Line Takebashi Station 1b exit a 3-minute walk
Viewing charges General 1000 (800) Japanese yen / university student 500(400) Japanese yen

※() Group rates more than inner ha 20 and campus members privilege rate. All include consumption tax.
※One and person of attendance (for one person) that lower than high school student and have under 18 years old, disability certificate free. In the case of admission, please show thing, disability certificate to understand of age such as student identification cards each.
Sponsorship National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo
Reference Hello dial
TEL: 03-5777-8600

Event contents


Voice noma
Whole body poet, Gozo Yoshimasu exhibition

ⒸGozo Yoshimasu << none of us is superior musical instrument >> unknown in the production year

Book exhibition is eager attempt to introduce poet on behalf of Japan, fictionization which does not stop for approximately 50 years of Gozo Yoshimasu (1939‒) to in bijutsukan.
Other than several hundred pieces of handwriting manuscripts such as drawing titled <monster> who is continued writing after the Great East Japan Earthquake, one action releases picture, photograph, art object, various works and documents including own voice that we recorded.
Book exhibition which performance by collaboration with Yoshihide Otomo (musician), a lot of events including the Jonas Mekas (movie director) work screening hold is exhibition to sense bodily which stimulates hearing, the sense of touch with form full of variety only by good luck increase that flew over frame of "poet". Please experience power, the richness to have of "words".

…… With "voice noma"          
Good luck increase that is poet revives ambiguity that words (voice) originally had by often rearranging kanji for katakana (sound). In "ma" of "voice noma" becoming exhibition title, devil, interval, the truth, eyes, *, *, ma, ko, dance, ma, various meanings including zo are put.


 ……   We let space fill with voice and sounds        
Seven rooms which we partitioned off with cloth loosely open without putting up wall when we enter venue if possible, and voice and sounds overflow in space. Theater space that also shows performance and picture in the depths. Exhibition consists of space varying in eight types in total.

Venue constitution

1. Diary [note]…Since the age of 22 years old until 2011

Good luck increase is diary buff. At this exhibition, we release diaries from the time to 2011 in 1961 (22 years old) before making the debut as poet. It is memo of poetry and diary only by good luck increase including schedule list that coloration such as picture in watercolors was totally made.

 <diary> It is Photo: more for 1961-64 years Kioku Keizo

2. Photograph [photo]…Mainly on multiple exposure photograph 

We display mainly on multiple exposure photograph which produces, and was started at the time in 1994 (55 years old). By the way, when it was given used Minolta Camera at 10 years old that good luck increase began shooting.


3. Copper sheet [copper]…We chopped letter to copper sheet

We display work such as art object which chopped letter to copper sheet which Isamu Wakabayashi (sculptor) sends. This work form that began in 1989 (50 years old) developed more, and it was work which became 5 meters in length.

 << coal miner of Okinawa >> Photo: unknown in the production year Kioku KeizoⒸGozo Yoshimasu

4. Voice notebook [voice note]…Own voice that we recorded

Cassette tape of own voice that daily life and good luck increase including destination recorded as lifework in every scene from 30 generations amounts to several hundred. It is space that can hear each in "voice" that chose from those archives freely. We display collection of tape more than 1,000 when we include reading of other poets.

 Than <voice notebook> "death of father" 1987-88 years Photo: Kioku Keizo

5. Manuscript, memo [autograph]…Manuscript of three people who affected the good luck increase

With manuscript of good luck increase written closely, we introduce close friend that interchange began at the time in 1977 (38 years old), manuscript written on count paper of Kenji Nakagami (writer), manuscript of poetry of Takaaki Yoshimoto (commentator) who pulls ruled line by oneself, and wrote, three manuscripts that good luck increase including drawing of John Cage (composer) who got inspiration was affected by rock garden of Ryoanji.


6. Picture [gozoCiné]…Road movie for good luck increase

Road movie for good luck increase to assume no editing that was born in 2006 (67 years old) basics is named "gozoCiné" (go dzo Sine), and one of the lifeworks that good luck increases by increases to this day. Approximately ten that selected carefully are screened.

7. Monster [drawing]…Handwriting manuscript

We introduce handwriting manuscript of several hundred pieces for long piece poetry <monster> that was continued writing after the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2012 (73 years old). It is manuscript full of the feel to be able to call for with result of performance with drawing that greatly deviated from manuscript of general poetry and picture in watercolors and collage.

 <monster> Gozo Yoshimasu 2015 Photo: which produces this Kioku Keizo

8. Theater space [theater]

Picture introduces performance with Kazuo Ohno of dancer whom good luck increase went to in Kushiro, and Yoshihide Otomo, the space present age and good luck increase perform performance as "collaboration with sound" and are space to experience high fictionization of body characteristics.

For more details, to National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo HP





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