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Simple hospitality English conversation special lecture to be possible from zero of Mr. Tetsuya Yasukochi

Date Sunday, June 5, 2016 from 13:00 to 15:00

Seeing and hearing room in Kojimachi school girl Junior High School, high school (3-8, Koujimachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo)

Object General English learner (English conversation level beginner's class - intermediate), Imperial Palace runner
Capacity 110 people
The cosponsorship
General corporate judicial person whole country foreign language education promotion association, Kojimachi school girl Junior High School, high school

Telephone: 03-3354-2157
FAX: 03-3354-2158
E-MAIL: zgk1991 @
Participation application

Entrance fee Free of charge

Event contents

Of Mr. Tetsuya Yasukochi
Simple hospitality English conversation special lecture to be possible from zero

For the Tokyo Olympics Paralympics held in 2020, do you not learn "volunteer heart" and "hospitality English conversation" with Mr. Tetsuya Yasukochi happily?
After attendance, you have you practice "hospitality English conversation" in help such as guidance, everyday life including introduction of recommended tourist attraction and restaurant as supporter of language study volunteer activity positively, and please enjoy cross-cultural communication!
We wait for participation of many of you including that person learning English, person who is interested in volunteer activity, around Imperial Palace run, and they are walked.

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Lecturer: Tetsuya Yasukochi

Toshin high school, Toshin business cool lecturer. We make much of teaching "English to be able to speak, usable English" and work on the spread of practical English education. Bestseller business book "notebook of study" writes a lot of reference books such as "teaching of person who can do it" (we pass and publish) (asa publication). It is commonly said without using difficult term from child to adult so that anyone knows by telling English happily. Without study abroad experience, it is the Eiken first grade. TOEIC (R) 990 points. Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology "well-informed person meeting about the way of English education" committee, Director representative of practical English promotion system. Hobby is bicycle, magic, movie, music. We love Korean, too!


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