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Reopening of the tenth anniversary of Akihabara UDX restaurant & shop Akiba ichi


Friday, April 8, 2016 ...

Place Akihabara UDX (4-14-1, Sotokanda)
Access JR "Akihabara Station" Denkigai Exit, a 2-minute walk
Reference Akihabara UDX synthesis Administration Office
TEL: 03-3252-5091 (weekdays from 9:00 to 17:00)

Event contents

The Akihabara UDX restaurant & shop Akiba ichi tenth anniversary
2016.4.8 renewal grand opening!
Akiba ichi Chapter 2, it is finally started.

[attention point ① up-and-coming new shop 6 store finally OPEN!]   
★1F Belgium beer wine
<EVER BREW> Ull beer man [new business condition]
★2F side, Japanese dishes
<Itadori Tokyo> Chew; appear [new business condition]
★2F ramen food court
<May say trading> Akihabara ramen theater [Akiba genesis]
・Chinese ramen Yangchow merchant
・Ramen second son Bo (Hakata pork bones ramen)
・The ramen calm (dried small sardines ramen)
★2F hamburger steak
<May say trading> HAMBURG STRONG [new business condition]
[attention point ② Dai Yasuda circus appears on "Akihabara ramen theater" "HAMBURG STRONG"!]
To enliven reopening on April 8,
Dai Yasuda circus appears on "Akihabara ramen theater" "HAMBURG STRONG"!
[large-scale plan double feature of attention point ③ LINE @ friend-limited!]
<the first April 8-10 days>
"ariga 10! Fair campaign"
Fair where only LINE @ friend can participate in Akiba open space appears!
Chance to get original mouth fortune chopstick rest of the tenth anniversary and use ticket when we hit★
<the second April 18-27 days>
"ariga 10! Lunch present campaign"
Delivery consecutive for ten days! Lunch is presented to 100 people, 1,000 people in total every day by lot by LINE @ friend!
It is up to you what shop you eat in★
Besides, is there tomorrow because it is [day participation possibility] even if we come off?
LINE @ campaign [message delivery schedules the details in April]!
[attention point ④ existing store does not lose, too! Akiba ichi selection menu]
Of course that familiar store and this store hold selection menu by memory of the tenth anniversary!
Until ten sets, sampler of ten kinds, what and 10 yen menu!
There are full of taste of Akiba ichi and menus which are full of hospitality★



Akihabara UDX MAP