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The 50th Hachijojima freesia Festival / furijiainfiorata

Date From Sunday, March 20, 2016 to Sunday, April 3
※furijiainfiorata is 4/2( soil), Sunday, April 3 for 2,016 years
Place ≪Freesia Festival >>
Eight Katachiyama freesias Festival special event space (4336, Okago, Hachijojimahachijo-machi, Tokyo)
<< furijiainfiorata >>
[main venue]
■Multipurpose hall "frisks"
2551-2, Okago, Hachijojimahachijo-machi, Tokyo
■Hachijo-machi government office lobby
2551-2, Okago, Hachijojimahachijo-machi, Tokyo
[satellite venue]
■Hachijojima Airport Terminal Building
2839-2, Okago, Hachijojimahachijo-machi, Tokyo
Access From Hachijojima Airport a 15-minute walk
Is car than port of river drift; ten minutes.
Free of charge
Sponsorship Hachijojima freesia Festival executive committee
Reference [Hachijojima Tourism Association] TEL. 04996-2-1377

Event contents


Festival of 350,000 freesias!

The 50th Hachijojima freesia Festival

350,000 colorful freesias which color the foot of pseudo hachijo-silk Fuji.
Carpet "furijiainfiorata" of flower to also make with 400,000 freesias.
Spring of Hachijojima comes with fragrance of freesia.
For "freesia festival to reach the 50th in this year," do gravel!

Carpet of huge flower to make with freesia!
Final event of freesia Festival, furijiainfiorata 2016.
Carpet of flower to make with freesia colors venue.
And Pikachu comes up as "daily infiorata support captain" in commemoration of the freesia Festival 50th anniversary what this year!

◆Freesia knob
The date and time: 2016 3/30( water) from 9:00 to 17:00 (plan)
3/31( tree)
from 9:00 to 17:00 (plan)
Venue: Eight Katachiyama freesias Festival venue and others

◆infiorata production
The date and time: 2016 4/2( soil) from 9:00 to 15:00
Venue: Multipurpose hall "frisks"; / Hachijo-machi government office lobby
※Participation fee is free.
Recruitment of "furijiainfiorata production" participant University!
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Eight Katachiyama freesias Festival special event space MAP