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Seeding of ... words and music not to forget that 3.11 day

Date Thursday, March 10, 2016
From 18:30 to 20:15 (the 18:00 opening)
Place Mitsui Sumitomo sea Surugadai building (3-9, Kandasurugadai) the first floor ⼤ hall
Access From JR Chuo Line, Sobu Line "Ochanomizu Station" Hijiribashi ⼝ a 5-minute walk
Toei Shinjuku Line "Ogawamachi Station" Marunouchi Line "Awajicho Station,"
From Tokyo Metro Chiyo ⽥ line "Shin-Ochanomizu Station" B3, B3a appearance ⼝ a 2-minute walk
Entrance fee Free (as you install collecting box in venue, please cooperate)
Capacity 300 people
Sponsorship "Seeding of ... words and music not to forget that 3.11 day" executive committee
Reference Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Co., Ltd. 
General affairs department global environment, contribution to society room (charge: mountain no river, to*)
TEL: 03-3259-1329 FAX: 03-3259-9318
E-MAIL: kankyokoken@ms-ins .com
Application Registration system prior over the following URL or telephone
TEL: 03-3259-1329
※When application exceeds capacity (300), it should be first-come-first-served basis.

Event contents


We do not forget that 3.11 day
Seeding of ... words and music

Five years are going to pass from the Great East Japan Earthquake.

Revival advances and calmed down, but on the other hand hears one that cannot wipe out uneasiness when you come a lot.

Because we do not forget that we got up in 3.11 even if far from Tohoku, we invite Nobuo Murakami of Announcer former NHK and hold "seeding of words and music" to think about heart to be considerate of, heart to imagine together performance. ※Entrance fee for free

 [performer profile]
◆Nobuo Murakami (host, reading)

Former NHK executive announcer. For 2001 through 11, we play an active part as "voice" of NHK radio including "radio vitamins" and "talks of Minoru Kamata life". "We do not try Munhwa TV-Radio Broadcasting Corp. hard on Sunday" while going around the whole country by lecture, and doing "seeding of nice words" and are opening new state including monthly publication "clear stream" serialization talk now. We hold "the talk live concert of Nobuo Murakami" in live house "art friends cafe" of Tokyo, Ebisu once a month and win favorable reception. We preside over "words polishing private supplementary school" in each places of the whole country.

◆Rina Inoue (piano)

While we were in office in marine culture foundation, we dealt with classic concert production in the country and the Asia region as concert coordinator. In addition, we performed activity to send "reconstruction aid concert" to culture concert hosted by foundation with appearance musicians at stricken area after the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011. We perform "seeding of words and music" performance with Nobuo Murakami in Watari-cho, Miyagi in September, 2015 and present again in 10⽉ higashikyomegumi ⽐ Kotobuki "art friends cafe" and we play with concert plan and are active now.

◆hachimokurimmei (quena)

Quena player, songwriter. We form Jupiter music group in 2013. We receive "romance that different ⽂ is so ⼤ more than becoming" and praise of Reiko Yukawa. Offer the lyrics of << bank of large river >> to singer Kumiko; in hit. Because original music The Water Is Wide of the song became NHK dynasty gong "Hanako and song of insertion of Ann" "Massan", it was more up-and-coming song. Background of hit is introduced by news program of NHK TV and appears on TV Asahi "Tetsuko's Room". Essay publishes "bank of large river".

◆Takako Fujieda (arpa)

After all-Japan arpa contest third place winning a prize, we study in Paraguay in earnest. We produce Mr. papi ragan continuing with beautiful tone, solo album two pieces. While, from thought to want to spread existence and tone of racial musical instrument called arpa to more people, we perform live in street or park as Tokyo official recognition "heaven artist" positively and it is borderless and, after returning home, is active other than concert activity.
Member of association arpa promotion Committee in Japan in Paraguay. Shakuhachi, koto, quena, cross-cultural quartet "Jupiter music group" member by arpa. Now Japan's leading arpa musician.

◆Branch Genichi charges (singer)

Fukuoka birth. We are from Takarazuka all-women's opera. After the dismissal from an organization, we play an active part in Latin vocalist. In 2003, album "oldness" that we sang mainly on Japanese nursery rhyme is released by pianist, arrangement & performance of won uintsuan. In 2015, we are active as takako, goat phosphorus band and encounter, "ichiyo, takako, goat phosphorus trio ♪" and start.

"ichiyo, takako, goat phosphorus trio ♪"

Than URL following as for the details such as applications!

As same period holding,
There is "fragment 2016 ... of memory - soul of the Fragments Great East Japan Earthquake, too"!


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