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The fourth 3.11 film festival (wawa project sponsorship)

Date 2017.3.11 Saturday - 12 Sunday
※"Revival leader interview picture display" is - 26 Sunday on 2017.3.10 Friday
※There is pre-talk event on Monday, February 27
※There is 3/19 Sunday talk event
Place Satellite venue of the arts Chiyoda 3331 others whole country
Access Ginza Line "Suehirocho Station" Exit 4, a 1-minute walk
Chiyoda Line "Yushima Station" Exit 6, a 3-minute walk
Oedo Line "Ueno-Okachimachi Station" Exit A1, a 6-minute walk
The JR "Okachimachi Station" south exit, a 7-minute walk
JR "Akihabara Station" Denkigai Exit, an 8-minute walk
Rate The screening: 1,500 yen that there are talkless 1,000 yen, talk in
Event: 1000-1500 yen

●We sell advance ticket only in Peatix (from each work, event introduction page of website)
●Today's ticket starts sale at screening venue reception desk from one hour ago (as for the first time 15 minutes ago) in each time
●In the case of plural works appreciation, you can purchase today's ticket in a mass at reception desk not only the sale time mentioned above on the same day
●We sell advance ticket of allied event only in Peatix
●We will tell about the today's ticket sale situation of allied event in news page
●Satellite venue admission, methods for purchase are different every venue.

Sponsorship Social creative platform wawa project (artwork group command N non-for-profit general corporate judicial person)
Reference The wawa project secretariat (artwork group command N non-for-profit general corporate judicial person)
TEL: 03-3518-9101
Homepage http: //

Event contents

Power to see invisible thing

Six years passed from March 11, 2011. There are thing seen in time when strange thing and thing which does not change drift while various from that day and thing which we lost our eyesight of. Power to foresee the future in being going to feel something about our nature and society or life of the present through the past is important at all. We imagine thing which does not exist yet called the future through various programs let alone movie by 3.11 film festival and can connect to action more. Therefore we hold this year as place that we notice necessary "power to look at invisible thing" and breed.

[with 3.11 film festival?]

①We tie four-walling society of volunteers of the whole country, and this film festival is action to society and activity to do.
People of layer that is individual, group, company state participate by their means to have.

②Through movie, we share consciousness and question and make opportunity to talk with immediate people.

③Around March 11, we hold arts Chiyoda 3331 every year in satellite venues of the whole country in main venue for the same period.

Supervision: Futoshi Sato / production year: 2016 / 130 minutes / Japan

Allied event
◇It is ... from this of genre and four-walling called 3.11 film festival pre-talk "3+1" ... "3.11"
(Monday, February 27 from 19:00 to 21:00)
◇Revival leader interview picture display (from Friday, March 10 to 26th Sunday from 12:00 to 19:00)
333 X 3.11 film festival markets (Sunday, March 12 from 11:00 to 18:00)
Urban camping Tokyo vol.5in arts Chiyoda 3331 (from Saturday, March 11 to Sunday, March 12 12:00 ... 12:00, the following day)
Disaster prevention workshop (Sunday, March 11 from 12:30 to 14:30)
◇Silent prayer (March 11 14:46 ...)
For reproduction of the "3+1" talk event - next generation ... (Sunday, March 19)

For more details → http: //




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