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Meeting Part4 (Hotel Tokyo of garden) which enjoys movie of Iwanami hall and meal

Date Monday, January 25, 2016 from 11:00 to 15:30
Venue Iwanami hall
Hotel Tokyo 2F function room san /1F grilled garden & bar style
Entrance fee 6,500 yen (it includes tax, service charge)
※Participation only for keynote address is possible, too.
       Rate: 2,700 yen (with movie viewing ticket
Privilege ①One piece of vioretto "movie admiration ticket"
②Special lunch course (3,900 yen equivalency) in connection with movie
Application method Apply by online reservation or call.
<online reservation>
03-3293-2228 (from 10:00 to 18:00)

Application assumes first-come-first-served basis and should be the deadline as soon as it becomes capacity.
After the application, I send confirmation about transfer methods of entrance fee from the secretariat.
It becomes application completion as soon as we get confirmation of transfer.
Sponsorship Hotel Tokyo of garden
Reference Hotel Tokyo reservation center of garden
TEL: 03-3293-2228 (from 10:00 to 18:00)

Main event contents


Hotel Tokyo collaboration plan of Iwanami hall X garden

Meeting Part4 which enjoys movie of Iwanami hall and meal


◆ Movie "portrait - of a certain vioretto - writer"

This motion picture which became the fourth shined in Cesar best Best Picture Award in "garden of serafinu"
"Portrait - of a certain vioretto - writer" of eminent scholar Martin Provo supervision.

We describe trace of soul before finding happiness in bond with Beauvoir who continued supporting her and light of Province in main character in actual woman writer Violette Leduc who gave shock in literary world in Paris of the 1940s.

You move to Hotel Tokyo of garden after movie viewing in Iwanami hall, and please have special lunch in connection with movie.

Grill & bar "flow" (ryu) that is quite popular with women with healthy dishes with full of vegetables in the lunch venue.

After the meal, it is also keynote address by Atsuko Tatsuta of greetings of Iwanami hall manager Ritsuko Iwanami and movie journalist.

Please fully enjoy talk concerning good-quality movie and lunch and movie.

◆ Schedule:
        11:00 ...     [movie viewing]
        In Iwanami hall
         Movie "vioretto" appreciation
        13:30     [lunch]
        We move to Hotel Tokyo of garden
         In grill & bar "flow" (ryu) (1F)
        Special lunch in connection with movie
        14:30     [lecture]
        In function room "san" (come) (2F)
        Keynote address by greetings and movie journalist Atsuko Tatsuta of Ritsuko Iwanami

Special lunch> (by the stocking on ※ day, menu changes) in connection with <movie

◆Atsuko Tatsuta (tatsutaatsuko)

We are active as editing & writer during university attendance at school more.
We perform Cannes, coverage activity of international film festival including Venice energetically while we perform writing or interview of review as film critic.
Molding to art, literature, fashion, beauty is deep, too. We work on writing in magazine and newspapers such as "Figaro japon" "vogue Japan" "L japon" "Harper's bazaar" "GQ JAPAN" "Subaru" "In Red" "cinema ten-day report" "Mrs.", web site. In addition, as expert of entertainment, we play an active part as consulting, adviser of TV and company.

For recent work "Star Wars of both" (Chuo Koron new company)
Official blog:
    "The other side of screen of Atsuko Tatsuta"
    "Blog of film critic Atsuko Tatsuta"

For more information:


Hotel Tokyo MAP of garden