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Toda Dario & Eli Guo & haneyato Christmas concert (Chiyoda-ku Council of Social Welfare sponsorship)

Date Wednesday, December 23, 2015 opening 12:30 start 13:00
Place Chiyoda Ward elderly person synthesis support center (1-6-10, Kudanminami, Chiyoda-ku)
Brightness plaza the first floor Hidamari hall
Access Subway "Kudanshita Station" Exit 4, a 5-minute walk
Capacity 200 (application first-come-first-served basis)
Entrance fee Free of charge
Application method Chiyoda-ku Council of Social Welfare
Person in charge of local support section area support
①Please inform of event name ② full name (furigana) ③ address ④ phone number ⑤ age.
■Telephone 03-3265-1901
■FAX 03-3265-1902
Sponsorship Chiyoda-ku Council of Social Welfare
Reference Chiyoda-ku Council of Social Welfare
Person in charge of local support section area support Christmas concert charge
1-6-10, Kudanminami, Chiyoda-ku brightness plaza the fourth floor
TEL: 03-3265-1901

Event contents


Brightness plaza
opening memory pre-event

Toda Dario & Eli Guo & haneyato
Christmas concert

As for the child! As for adult! As for the elderly! Christmas to enjoy in whole family

※No charge for admission!

☆★Performer profile★☆

■Toda Dario

We are born among Italian mother with father of composer.
Saint Mary international school, Sophia University comparison culture subject are a graduate. We form unit "chameleon project" in 2010 and deal with script of composition and picture-story show. NHK education "start English conversation in 100 words" "English deasobo" "magician Dario" "English conversation!" "Open space dawan park of all" other appearance.

■Eli Guo

Ohashi Eli
Marimba, percussion instrument, glass harpist. Kunitachi Music College university graduate. Other than erikuo, it is performance group "Tokyo comfort bamboo group" with original musical instrument of bamboo position. NHK education "karadadeasobo" "secret nochikarando" Benesse "shimajirounogakki parade" "MUSIC JAPAN" others majority who appears on television.

Ikuo Goto
Person of guitarist, product arrangement. Activity professional than 21 years old. We appear in drama and movie in the part of guitarist. Until 2006 five years NHK education program "is open space of all! We perform regularly on the wampaku "dream phosphorus phosphorus-maru" as older brother of guitar. Arrangement work "we follow chameleon" is broadcast by NHK "Songs for Everyone" every day for from April to May in 2010. It is chosen as the "Songs for Everyone best 40" first piece because of great popularity.

■zuiharahaneyato (if I hate Mizuhara)

At the end of the teens who are active as vocalist of rock band, we are interested in jazz. We begin activity as Jazz Vocal afterwards. It is start by activity that restarts production of the original piece of music without persisting in genre to base with jazz in 2014, and deals with arrangement, and is new. Ginza "sig eggplant" is Odawara "spats" and is singing regularly now. As for being mistaken for male voice with birth, sanctuary is low tone.




Brightness plaza (Chiyoda-ku elderly person support center)