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Plant mini-bonsai classroom - Kuromatsu and thicket koujino chrysanthemum-shaped charcoal; ... (hotel gardening club of garden)

Date Sunday, November 29, 2015 from 11:00 to 13:00 (the 10:30 opening)
Venue Hotel Tokyo 2F function room san of garden
Entrance fee 6,000 yen (it includes consumption tax, material cost with drink)

★Person who wants getting close lunch (13 limitation) that we surround Mr. Hashiguchi after the attendance
8,500 yen (we include entrance fee 6,000 yen and lunch of Japanese food "relationship")
Application method Apply by online reservation or call.
<online reservation>
03-3293-2228 (from 10:00 to 18:00)

Application assumes first-come-first-served basis and should be the deadline as soon as it becomes capacity.
After the application, I send confirmation about transfer methods of entrance fee from the secretariat.
It becomes application completion as soon as we get confirmation of transfer.
Sponsorship Hotel Tokyo of garden
Reference Hotel Tokyo reservation center of garden
TEL: 03-3293-2228 (from 10:00 to 18:00)
Privilege The use at restaurant on the day is 10% off

Main event contents


Plant mini-bonsai classroom - Kuromatsu and thicket koujino chrysanthemum-shaped charcoal; ... 
"Hotel Tokyo gardening club of the
eighth garden"

On the day image of work to make
※Material may be changed by the stocking situation.

Hotel gardening club of the eighth garden made Mr. Hashiguchi rika of person of bonsai lecturer,

Popular mini-bonsai classroom.

Crack of cut end does Kuromatsu and thicket koujino group planting to beautiful chrysanthemum-shaped charcoal like chrysanthemum.

Mini-bonsai which used thicket koujio where pine which was long-lived symbol and red fruit were lucky,

It is most suitable as decoration for New Year holidays.

◆ Is careful; about prior payment of entrance fee
Entrance fee would like prior transfer.
When it cannot participate after the transfer by any reason, we cannot refund.
We would appreciate your understanding beforehand.
(please bear transfer fee.)
・ About participation of small child
I am so sorry, but we would appreciate your refraining from participation of preschool child.

lecturer profile]

 Hashiguchi rika (hashiguchirika)

We are from Miyazaki. We are affected by grandfather and father of person of bonsai and get close to bonsai from early childhood.
We announce new form "inanimate object flower" (sekibokka) of bonsai becoming pioneer of mini-bonsai by Hamanako flower Expo in 2001 and attract attention, and work is displayed in Takagi bonsai art museums.

 We act as lecturer of bonsai classroom of hanashi of Ginza field from 2001 and become independent in 2007. We love bonsai on the basis of the beauty of natural form of a tree, and mini-bonsai with sense gets high support from particularly young woman.

For more details, to Hotel formal HP of garden


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