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Winter necessities - common usage, earthenware pot exhibition 2015 - (container Hanada of living)

Date Friday, November 6, 2015 - Monday, November 16
From 10:30 to 19:00 ※It is without holiday during session
Place Container Hanada (2-2-5, Kudanminami) of living
Gallery space on the second floor
Access Subway "Kudanshita" Exit 2, a 5-minute walk
Sponsorship Container Hanada of living
Reference Container Hanada of living
TEL: 03-3262-0669

Event contents


Winter necessities - common usage, earthenware pot exhibition 2015 -

It was season when we yearned for hot dishes.
Earthenware pot more than 100 kinds comes over to Hanada in 2015.
Toshiki Sugimoto who gets close in the name of "Sugimoto earthenware pot", and is loved.
Royal road of earthenware pot, Iga ground burning comfort.
Yoshiko Ogawa who develops the new world of earthenware pot for superior sense.
Use and size are full of all masterpieces abundantly, too.
Please expect in earthenware pot exhibition, this year of Hanada common usage.

Earthenware pot part X Toshiki Sugimoto new item earthenware pot "déli-sa (deri sa) comes up, too"!

Great earthenware pot enthusiast "earthenware pot part" and Toshiki Sugimoto and Hanada who knew everything about good earthenware pot
Collaboration! We show new item earthenware pot with "we should meet" as form.

Photograph: Product, Toshiki Sugimoto
 From this side, it is 6 sun of Kinose door one hot pot, ash glaze plain fabric earthenware pot 8 sun, iron Aya soup hot pot 6 sun

We introduce a lot of plan exhibition products in online shop.
For more details, it is ⇒

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