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Dream Kano worship power seminar (executive committee sponsorship)


Sunday, September 27, 2015 from 14:00 to 17:45 (reception desk start 13:30 ...)

Place Kanda Myojin (2-16-2, Sotokanda)
The first floor of saimushojishita
Access JR "Ochanomizu Station" St. Hashiguchi, Chiyoda Line "Shin-Ochanomizu Station" 5-minute walk
Capacity 40 first arrival
Fee 6,000 yen (we include seminar 2 lecture tuition)
Application method Apply over application form of homepage or telephone.
TEL: 03-6427-7044 (dessert Company)
Sponsorship Dream Kano worship executive committee
Reference ・Dream Kano worship executive committee (dessert Company)
TEL: 03-6427-7044
・Kanda Myojin
TEL: 03-3254-0753

Event contents

We support your dream!

By special worship in precious main hall and two seminars,
Please step forward to the new first step to grant dream.

It is recommended to such a person!

□One that both oneself and work want to perform step-up of
□One that wants to make relations with the neighborhood better
□One in hope of matchmaking (good match)
□Person who is interested in Shinto shrine, Shinto
□Heart which does purification ceremony (purification ceremony), and wants to be refreshed

①The wonderful lucky charm conferment
②It is dedicated paper votive tablet with wish
③Dream Kano worship-limited! We prepare cake and tea with cleansed rice

Specialist of "heart grow up"
It depends on representative from SORA here Roni strike Saori Kakumoto
"Method to know oneself, and to bring up relationship with person"

We know oneself, and relations with person are improved dramatically by understanding partner. Please get closer to one step dream more by bringing up various relationships.

It is performed in Akira Kanda Kamimoto
Special Noboru worship

Worship (we take off shoes between tatami mat) that we go on main hall of Kanda Myojin
Live performance / beautiful shrine maiden's dance of / gagaku

Akira Kanda divinity chief priest Yoshihiko Shimizu talks
"We know Shinto shrine and Shinto"

We can learn essence of the history and Shinto of Shinto shrine as Japanese ancestors while interlacing modern theme.

We contained lecturers
Social gathering

Master matchmaker madam Kazuko Maruyama of matchmaking participates in guest, too.

Kanda Myojin MAP