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With mer wisdom cute Kanda forever bridge simultaneous nationwide toast of waterside!


Tuesday, July 7, 2015: 7:07 p.m.

Place Mer wisdom cute Kanda forever bridge opening deck
1-25-4, Kandasudacho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Access It is a 6-minute walk from 4-minute walk, JR "Kanda" "Ochanomizu" station from JR "Akihabara" station

mizuberingu project secretariat / Ochanomizu skimmer university


General Chiyoda City Tourism Association / mer wisdom cute Kanda forever bridge


The mizuberingu project secretariat
03-6441-8756 (weekdays from 10:00 to 17:00)


Event contents


■Let' s toast!

Toast event is social action to enjoy waterside while toasting with somebody who can enjoy the charm together with a choice of waterside that thinks that at first oneself is wonderful, and to enjoy in July 7 7:07 p.m., simultaneous nationwide waterside to rediscover charm of waterside.

On July 7, 2014 just one year ago, event called "mizuberingu forever bridge meeting" to talk about was performed about the future of waterside of the Kanda River. The mizuberingu secretariat performs toast to enjoy waterside of Bridge, the Kanda River with Bridge in mer wisdom cute Kanda forever with all of Ochanomizu skimmer universities which hosted "mizuberingu forever bridge meeting" in wonderful all generations.

■Toast is detailed!

[the date and time]
Tuesday, July 7, 2015 7:07 p.m.

Mer wisdom cute Kanda forever bridge opening deck

(1) We purchase drink for toast with mer wisdom cute Kanda forever bridge
(2) We gather on open deck by time!

[dress code]
Something blue (wearing something blue, and gathering)

※In the case of shoame, it is carried out in case of rain on open deck.
※In the case of stormy weather, we perform near the mer wisdom cute Kanda forever bridge building "tatazumai my N5 - 7".


Toast drink is purchased respectively in mer wisdom cute Kanda forever bridge store
・One that beer has good to "Hitachi field bluing laboratory"
・One that coffee has good to "of Scylla coffee roasters"
・One that soft drink has good to "Fukumori"
※As you may take time until drink handing over, please be careful

We gather in mer wisdom cute Kanda forever bridge "forever bridge porch"

We perform countdown until 7:07 p.m. on July 7
Japanese modern pleasure boat "mizuha" anchors in the Kanda River and is waiting for toast

We carry out toast in pleasure boat floating in open deck and Kanda River all at once

Let's enjoy in individual treatment in the hall and shop of neighborhood if we finish drinking pleasant chat, one cup

Complete withdrawal

■What is mizuberingu?
If "actions of waterside increase more, town of all should shine more and yet more." It is project creating possibility of new utilization of waterside that has lost former bustle that the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism recommends of Japan. mizuberingu is coined word of "waterside +R (renovation) +ING" (the progressive form) "waterside +RING" (ring). We review time when waterside is rich and widen ring of waterside enthusiast and are activity creating movement of waterside. Citizen who is interested in waterside and company and administration become the Trinity, and waterside and town wake up movement to bring about united beautiful scenery and new bustle in sequence.

■With Ochanomizu skimmer university
Connection of space, time, the times, person. Gap of city existing in Tokyo Ochanomizu. Ochanomizu skimmer university is "platform of learning and activity" which brings up civic "Civic pride" by utilizing gap wealthily. We develop various activities experimentally in public space and open space, waterside, road, gap of roof ... town of building.

It is intended that we contribute to charm improvement of city towards the future by establishing "the regulations to regenerate waterside in attractive city space" in ... Chiyoda-ku in March, 2015, and profit of river (the Kanda River, the Nihonbashi River) forming urban structure of Chiyoda-ku reviewing utilizing from viewpoint of dweller, and being moistened, and resting, and regenerating waterside space as bustle, space of interchange. Chiyoda City Tourism Association approves of purpose of this event based on this idea. ...

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