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Mainly on the 69th exhibition "* (tano) shimu - << chestnut >> picture scroll in picture scroll" (Imperial Household Agency Museum of the Imperial Collections sponsorship)

Date From Saturday, July 4, 2015 to Sunday, August 30
From 9:00 to 16:45 (as for the admission until 16:30)
※During session, we replace scene.
Closed days Every week month, Friday
But we are opened on Monday (holiday) on July 20 and are closed on Tuesday of the next day.
Place Imperial Household Agency Museum of the Imperial Collections
Access "Otemachi Station" c13a exit, approximately 5 minutes on foot
Rate Free of charge
Sponsorship Imperial Household Agency
Reference TEL: 03-5208-1063 (telephone service)

Event contents

Picture scroll mainly on * (tano) shimu - << chestnut >> picture scroll

We made story picture and trained to be form of rolled drapery, and, in * (tano) shimu - our country, picture scroll was produced as art work from the about the latter half of tenth century in the middle in the Heian era and has been enjoyed.

Thing of aristocratic subject was produced with establishment, development of court literature at first, but things for account of war picture scroll which gradually reflected society of samurai and Buddhism propagation were produced, and it was that we let you enjoy people of wide layer. It is expression of image of illustrator you become picture, and how you develop content of story. We blow up image more and enjoy picture scroll while looking at screen that person of appreciation was made the image. The reason why picture scroll is long and was got close to many people will be that we were able to enjoy such a rich image.

At this exhibition, we introduce "young orchid (jakuran) picture scroll" which made "illustrator Japanese-style bound book" (and obtain, and do, and let's expand) (the Kamakura era) representing real life of a certain illustrator, "Sumiyoshi story (finish, and quit, and show) picture scroll" (the Muromachi era) when it may be said with Japan version Cinderella story to get happiness while we are tormented by stepmother, "okuri" (Oguri third-ranking official (ogurihangan) picture scroll) (the Edo era), "liquor biography apprentice to a priest (shutendoji) picture scroll" (the Edo era) known as story of ogre extermination of Mount Oe when man and woman destined to be strange made sermon clause to get over hardship of popularity picture and "hikoka々dekenson (hikohohodeminomikoto) picture scroll" (the Edo era) representing Kojiki and Nihonshoki myth of sea Yukihiko and mountain Yukihiko, historical fact of palindrome poetry consisting of 840 characters that so蕙 (sokei) (young orchid) at the China mid-fourth century gave husband more picture scroll (the light times).

We would appreciate your enjoying the world of rich image that each picture scroll brings.

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