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Woman II ... (incorporated administrative agency Japan art culture promotion society sponsorship) in national theater in Marunouchi - traditional arts

Date Monday, July 6, 2015 from 19:00 to 20:30 (18:30 acceptance start)
Place ekottsueria (the tenth floor of the Marunouchi 1-5-1 Shin Marunouchi Building)
Access Central Exit, underpass direct connection in one of JR "Tokyo Station" Marunouchi north exit, 1-minute walk / circle under the ground
Marunouchi Line "Tokyo Station" underpass direct connection
Chiyoda Line "Nijubashimae Station" Exit 7, royal visit underground passage direct connection, approximately 2 minutes on foot
Toei Mita Line "Otemachi Station" Exit D1, approximately 1 minute on foot
Tozai Line "Otemachi Station" Exit B1, approximately 4 minutes on foot
Hanzomon Line "Otemachi Station" Exit A5, approximately 8 minutes on foot
Approximately 11 minutes on foot via Yurakucho Line "Yurakucho Station" Exit A1, Marunouchi relation street
Approximately 13 minutes on foot via Toei Mita Line, Chiyoda Line, Hibiya Line "Hibiya Station" Exit A3 Marunouchi relation street
Object It is recommended to business people of traditional arts beginner.
Capacity 50 (first-come-first-served basis)
Entrance fee 1,000 yen (tax-included) ※Cash payment on that day. Please prepare not to make any change.
Application You assume title "7/6 application", and please send the following necessary matters by email.
①The e-mail address ④ participation number of people for full name (furigana) ② phone number ③ reply
It must arrive by Sunday, July 5
Destination: "National theater in Marunouchi" charge e-mail:
Sponsorship Incorporated administrative agency Japan art culture promotion society
Reference Art culture promotion society "national theater in Marunouchi" in Japan charge

Event contents

Dance of - fair sex dancing house in Japanese dance for women―

"National theater in Marunouchi" that introduces various traditional arts in Marunouchi. We take up Japanese dance in second, July of 2015 event to feature the theme of woman "in traditional arts. Japanese dance with expression ranging from beautiful conduct to heroic behavior. Woman in Japanese dance and modern woman...What kind of difference and common point will there be really? In addition, what is the secret of "beauty?" Please check in "national theater in Marunouchi".

Conduct ... of dancing named ... luxuriance
General public of the Edo era bring up, and, for Japanese dance that we conveyed, old beautiful "conduct" in Japan is inherited. And, unlike Kabuki played only in actors of man, there is person of dancing of the fair sex for Japanese dance, and low ranking Shinto priest Takumi of woman plays a big role in the tradition. Dance of woman whom dance, woman of man whom woman plays play. You dance, and do you divide how you make look "feminine" like "man?" When we dance in "men" when even the same dance dances in "women", what is the difference? We solve with demonstration!

Guest: Lake Katsumi Tomoe (person of katsumitomoko, Japanese dance)
Katsumi style. 1965 student. The eldest daughter of Katsumi style first generation head master of a school Katsumi deferred three. Older brother is head master of a school Katsumi Italy Miyoshi for the second generation. The name of Lake Katsumi Tomoe is permitted in 1978, is instructor qualification in 60. We study under Mitsugoro Bando others for father and the ninth generation. We study in London University Goldsmith college in Agency for Cultural Affairs rising artist foreign countries training system. We acquire master's degree of "theatrical art education". We receive nomination of bunkachobunkakoryushi in 2006 and engage in Japanese dance professor in the U.K.




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