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Akira Matsumura exhibition "Evidence NAGASAKI- common Nagasaki blast center 1km -" (JCII photo salon sponsorship)

Date From Tuesday, June 30, 2015 to July 20 Monday (holiday) from 10:00 to 17:00
Closed days Every Monday (but, in the case of holiday, we are opened)
Place JCII photo salon (the first floor of 25, Ichibancho JCII building)
Access Hanzomon Line "Hanzomon Station" Exit 4, a 1-minute walk
Yurakucho Line "Kojimachi Station" Exit 3, an 8-minute walk
Admission charges Free of charge
Sponsorship JCII photo salon
Reference JCII photo salon
TEL: 03-3261-0300

Event contents

Evidence NAGASAKI- common Nagasaki blast center 1km―
Atom bomb fall center monument Matsuyamamachi (c) Akira Matsumura

Matsumura entered Mainichi Shimbun photograph department and we served, and every camera did professor of Kyushu Zokei Art College photograph subject after the duty in editorial department on day and was active. We announce many works under the theme of the side, change of town.

By book exhibition, we display by two copies of constitution of "blast center 1km" that arrested work "common Nagasaki" and being bombed remains of an ancient structure thing which arrested current cityscape of Nagasaki whom atom bomb damage included with atom bomb remains of an ancient structure and person to be dotted with by close-up.

Atom bomb is dropped on Nagasaki, and time called 70 passes in this year. Aging of A-bomb victim and progress of time let atom bomb weather as past event, and he who felt that the memory faded with change of town began shooting to keep memory of atom bomb.

He copies trace of being bombed to still remain in daily scenery of Nagasaki including stone wall which bathed in bombed tree, torii blown off in bomb blast, flash of light of atom bomb carefully and stops. Reach from portrait of A-bomb victim standing before figure and camera of old people putting hands together in front of peaceful prayer image at the same time, grieving is about to talk about misery of atom bomb to us calmly.

His thought to want you to pay more attention to suffer of being bombed to still continue not one which we decide to be past and forget to collect which never repeats that miserable event at the present entering the situation that it is difficult sharing feeling for atom bomb more than generation and to tell directly is felt exhibition.

Akira Matsumura (waiting irregularity space and others)
It was born in Kyoto for 1,946 years. 1969 Nihon University art department photograph subject graduation (we study under photographer Shigekazu Nagano out of study). Enter Mainichi Shimbun photograph department, and every camera is editorial department on day; charge including this magazine and separate volume new nude. We receive training as member of Agency for Cultural Affairs overseas dispatch training in Eastman Kodak house international photograph Museum of New York Rochester in 1983. We deal with curation of "ten EMPATHY- Japanese modern photographs exhibition -" (ten Taido Moriyama and others) in 1987 and go around three places of United States. We publish "dislocation of 50 years after the war calendar" serially in the Mainichi Shimbun in 1995 and win association of Tokyo photograph reporter plan section prize. We take office as Kyushu Zokei Art College photograph subject professor in 2005 and serve until 2013.

[photo exhibition]
"Face - of the gambo - hardliner space" (1992, Ginza NIKON salon), "town of barrier" (2000, Canon salon Ginza, Fukuoka, Kokura, Okabayashi gallery), "whereabouts of view" (2005, Shinjuku NIKON salon), "common Nagasaki" (2011, gallery blue heavens building, aidemufotogyarari [Sirius], Nagasaki Prefectural Art Museum, Fukuoka Asian Art Museum), a lot of "Akira Matsumura retirement memory exhibition" (2013, Kyushu Sangyo University Museum) others.

[collection of photographs]
There are "65 - (2010, window company), "Evidence NAGASAKI- blast center 1km -" (2015, winter blue shrine) from "- Kanda - (2003, blue heavens building), that common Nagasaki - day" when we pass through alley".

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