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2015 Sanno festival (Hie-jinja Shrine sponsorship)

Date From Sunday, June 7, 2015 to 17th Wednesday
Place Hie-jinja Shrine (2-10-5, Nagata-cho)
Access Chiyoda Line "Kokkaigijidomae Station" exit 5, a 5-minute walk
Ginza Line, Namboku Line "Tameike-Sanno Station" exit 7, a 3-minute walk
Sponsorship Hie-jinja Shrine
Reference Hie-jinja Shrine
TEL: 03-3581-2471

Event contents

"The Japan's three biggest festival"
Omikoshi which did nyugo in Edo-jo Castle for Tokugawa era is counted for the Japan's three biggest festival with Temma festival of Gion, Osaka of Kyoto since Prince 3s family to inherit the shogunate light more as okiwame grand as "world festival" that successive generals make an imperial inspection and worship, the first on the list of Edo three large festival.

※God good luck festival, chokaishinyotogo is not held in this year

<the highlight of Sanno festival>
◎Festival of callithump child
The date and time: Saturday, June 13 13:00, 14:00 (twice conduct)
Place: Hie-jinja Shrine garden attached to a Shinto shrine
Children from 3 years old to 6 years old wrap the body in child taking part in a festive procession attire and evade ring of Japanese nutmeg and they receive purification and pray for healthy growth.

◎Evade ring of great purification Japanese nutmeg; - Sanno purification regular fire-extinguishing festival -
The date and time: Sunday, June 14 15:00 ...
Place: The Hie-jinja Shrine precincts
We evade "ring of Japanese nutmeg" and expel crime impurity, accident and pray for life extension longevity and perfect state of health. It is important Shinto ritual to reach Taisho.

◎Enjoying the cool breeze meet Sanno leading
The date and time: From Saturday, June 13 to 15th Monday from 18:30 to 20:30
Place: The Hie-jinja Shrine precincts
As for "the enjoying the cool breeze meet," dedication lantern is usually raised in the quiet precincts crowdedly, and drumbeat is held happily while we shine beautifully with mei々.
A lot of yukata cliff comes from pleasant song and dance, neighborhood that even beginner can dance, too.
As we build "tower" in tent, we carry out rainy weather.
There is pleasant night stall during period.

Hie-jinja Shrine MAP