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TIME OF GLASS (container Hanada sponsorship of living)

Date From Wednesday, June 10, 2015 to 20th Saturday
From 10:30 to 19:00 ※It is without holiday during session
Place Container Hanada (2-2-5, Kudanminami) of living
Gallery space on the second floor
Access Subway "Kudanshita" Exit 2, a 5-minute walk
Sponsorship Container Hanada of living
Reference Container Hanada of living
TEL: 03-3262-0669

Event contents


We toast with icy beer under the sun.
It is eating a food with great relish with red wine to delicious dishes in total.
While looking at starlit sky, whiskey with lock.
The scene and story around glass vary.
Season of selection of glass which became attendant of important time came.
Evolution and master craftsman Takashi Nakayama who continues unfolding.
Tomomi Kawakami who increased polish in freshness.
Kazuya Nakamura during supporter rapid increase since appearance of last year.
In addition, we give to Yoshihiro Nishiyama, annual member of Tsutomu Suzuki,
As for Takanori Washizuka, Shun Kumagai, Kakizaki Makoto,
A lot of new members appear.
June common usage, glass exhibition of Hanada. Come by all means.

Product: From the Takashi Nakayama right torsion mall tumbler,
Vertical mall tumbler / diameter 6.5 X 11cm in height (as for all two kinds of them)

Container Hanada MAP of living