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[Kanda Festival formula] Circulation and light noh play in which the protagonist is a god appreciation tour (Akiba.TV sponsorship) of Myojinshita delicious potato

Date Thursday, May 14, 2015 from 14:00 to 20:00

Meeting: JR Akihabara Station Denkigai Exit (1-17-6, Sotokanda)

Akihabara Station → All generations of meat → Forever bridge → Mer wisdom cute Kanda forever bridge → "Kandasudacho long-established store street"
→Awajicho waterasu → Tea navigation → Hijiribashi → "Amano-ya" → "Kanda Myojin"
Capacity Ten (seven application order / minimum passenger count)
15,000 yen (including dining charge, ability seat <S2 seat>)
By Monday, May 11 from telephone or homepage
Sponsorship Akiba.TV
Reference Akiba.TV
TEL: 03-6206-9069

Event contents

Great writer, Shotaro Ikenami known as gourmet loved
We thoroughly enjoy taste of three well-known stores under Myojin!

①Yabu soba [fun menu] "bamboo steamer soba" which got caught "sky seed"
Well-established noodle shop founded in 1880 (Meiji 13)
Please enjoy soba which is high in fragrance of greenish brown.

②Bamboo irregularity deep-fried steamed bun is sweets shop of noted product. Founding is 1930 (Showa 5).
It is popular among generations who it becomes sacred place of animation, and are wide recently.
[fun menu] "Deep-fried steamed bun" or "Anmitsu"

③Sweet liquor shop of appearance with Amano-ya taste. It is founded in 1846 (Koka 3).
"Myojin amazake" of gentle sweetness is nutrient-rich with non-alcohol.
[fun menu] "Myojin amazake" or "amazake steamed bun

We enjoy festival culture and the best of Edoite in Kanda Myojin
・You can observe Kanda Myojin museum.
・As for the taking a ceremonial photograph with official character "mikoshi" of Kanda Myojin

Even the first ability appreciation is reliable!

Speaking of early period of Edo era, Kanda Festival, noh as a Shinto ritual was festival of the main constituent. On the basis of the history, it revived by noh as a Shinto ritual as Kongo school of noh bonfire noh from 2003, and ten years or more passed.
By bonfire noh (takiginou) that aimed at plainness this year No chant without accompaniment (sea bream to suck) "god's song (chew, and beat) (Kongo school of noh head master of a school, Hisanori Kongo et al.), ability "Chikubushima" (chikubushima),
End "pommel horse Tengu (kuramatengu)," sham "lean person pine" (we get thinner and wait) is played. Please enjoy ability of rare "Kongo school of noh" in Tokyo with head family in Kansai.
In addition, you can look at "gagaku" only in Shinto shrine performance.

※We secured S2 seat this time. You can look at at just right position on the center side.

18:00 gagaku, shrine maiden's dance (Kanda Miyabi Myojin department of musical matters)
18:15 program commentary Hiroko Miura (Manager of Musashino University's professor Noh document center)
The curtain rises at 18:30
... which there is break in for ... middle (15 minutes)
The past 20:30 curtain (plan)

Singing a No song without accompaniment "god's song" Kongo school of noh head master of a school Hisanori Kongo others
Sham "lean person pine" Izumi style Mansaku Nomura others
End "pommel horse Tengu" Kongo school of noh head master of a school Hisanori Kongo
Ability "Chikubushima" Kongo school of noh Masaru Endo Minoru others

As for a lot of famous places of Myojinshita area
Let alone place of historical drama "shape of a coin flat next arrest reserve" "ogre flat criminal record" connection, you can see new famous place, too.
①Willow forest Shrine, ② mer wisdom are cute, ③ Hijiribashi, ④ Myojin steeper slope of the two

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