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Sightseeing photograph contest offer essential point of the second Chiyoda


We closed offer. Thank you for your large number of application.
Theme Photograph about sightseeing such as seasonal scenery of Chiyoda or various events, festivals
(work photographed in Chiyoda-ku for from May, 2014 to April, 2015)
Application period It must arrive by from Thursday, March 5, 2015 to Thursday, April 30
Application method ①We download the following, offer essential point flyer and print
②You put one piece of "application vote" on "application vote" on the back of the work after filling out matter necessary for the block style, and you mail or please bring to Kudan lifelong learning building.
Application 〒102-0074
1-5-10, Kudanminami, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Chiyoda Ward Kudan lifelong learning building
"Sightseeing photograph contest of the second Chiyoda" application receptionist

Tel. 03-3234-2841 (from 9:00 to 21:00) closed days: Monday, March 16, 2015, Monday, April 20
Qualifications Being amateur.
Application rule ■Thing of own work, having not yet occurred list is best as for work.

■Application score is less than two points of one. (photo collage impossibility)

■Print size assumes dividing in six or wide dividing in six, A4 size.

■Please submit film photograph, digital photography by photographic paper print (as for the ink-jet print, possible) together.

■It is possible with both color monochrome photography.

■It is said that processing including composition, editing is impossible.

■Objects of youth Prize are less than 15 years old (as of the end of March, 2015).

■We do not return entry.

■About rights abuses such as right of likeness, copyright of third party, sponsor does not take the responsibility at all.

■We shall be able to use sponsor with precedence and shall consent to prize-winning work about publication to production thing, public information, website.

■Sponsor manages personal information about application appropriately and does not contribute to third party. But, on work about conduct, administration of this open call for participants exhibition, we may disclose information.

■When sponsor judges that rule has violation, we may demand cancellation of application, receiving a prize and return such as certificate of merit, supplementary prize.
Announcement ■The beginning of July, 2015
We announce on Chiyoda City Tourism Association homepage.
■Toward the winning a prize informal appointment, the secretariat will inform after the selection. We do not do communication toward the defeat.
■Please submit digital data of work or film (negative positive) immediately by date when prize-winning work was established. When there is not presentation, we consider that we declined winning a prize by designation date.
Judge Keisuke Kumakiri (photographer, Japan Photographers Society's vice-chairperson)
Norihiko Matsumoto (photographer, Japan Photographers Society's executive managing director)
Nakajima enthusiast Hitoshi (photographer)
Commendation ceremony The second floor of the Wednesday, September 2, 2015 ... Kudan lifelong learning building Kudan gallery
Display of work The second floor of the from Thursday, September 3, 2015 to 8th Tuesday ... Kudan lifelong learning building Kudan gallery 
Middle of September, 2015 - ... Chiyoda City Tourism Association hall (some works)
Sponsorship General Chiyoda City Tourism Association
Support Japan camera foundation
Reference General Chiyoda City Tourism Association
TEL: 03-3556-0391

Offer essential point, application flyer (we click and download)


The prize money, prize (the support)

The prize money, prize << we present commendation shield to all the prizewinners >>
■Grand prix, Chiyoda City Tourism Association chairperson Prize /1 name
・50,000 yen + Kanda France dishes Hijiribashi bower pair meal ticket
 (offer: Nakatomi Corporation)
■Associate grand prix /2 name
・Pair lunch meal ticket common throughout 30,000 yen + restaurant
 (offer: The Capitol Hotel Tokyu)
・30,000 yen + restaurant patio pair dinner ticket
 (offer: Hotel ground arc Hanzomon)
■Mayor Chiyoda Prize /1 name
・For 30,000 yen + restaurant meal ticket 10,000 yen
 (offer: bachelor Hall)
■Chiyoda inhabitant of a ward Prize /1 name
・For 20,000 yen + sky hop bus ticket four people
 (offer: Japanese flag car encouragement of new industry)
■Youth Prize / few name
・For book card 5,000 yen

■Canon prize /1 name
・EOS Kiss X7i, EF-S18-55 IS STM lens kit
■Akasaka Excel Hotel Tokyu prize /1 name
・Premium twin accommodation coupon
■Hotel New Otani prize /1 name
・Pair accommodation complimentary ticket
■Ochanomizu Hotel noboriryukansho /1 name
・10-tatami Japanese-style room pair accommodation coupon with open-air bath
■NIKON prize /1 name
・Digital camera Coolpix
■Hotel Grand Palace prize /1 name
・Premium "S" floor twin room accommodation coupon
■National theater prize /1 name
・Kabuki performance special seat pair theatergoing ticket
■Ochanomizu hoterujuraku prize /1 name
・Twin room accommodation coupon (with true breakfast ticket of akebi)
■waterasu prize /1 name
・For select shop Rin8890 gift certificate 20,000 yen
■FIJIFILM prize /1 name
・Check instax mini 90
■Prize for Japanese flag car encouragement of new industry /1 name
・For sky hop bus ticket four people
■Fine work / few name
・For QUO CARD 5,000 yen

The support
Company Imperial communications
Religious corporation Yasukuni Shrine

Hato Bus
Akasaka Excel Hotel Tokyu
Arcadia Ichigaya (private school Hall)

Sincerity mountain company
Platform service
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries coldness and zeal
Educational foundation Ohara school
JR East station retailing
Tokyo FM Broadcasting
Federation of Kanda secondhand bookstore
Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chiyoda Branch
JTB corporate sales
Miwa stage
Bachelor Hall (bachelor Hall Seiyoken)

Kudan lifelong learning building MAP