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Direct marketing market ... (hotel Grand Palace sponsorship) of the thirteenth hote city ... hotel Grand Palace

Date Thursday, March 5, 2015 from 11:30 to 19:00
Place Hotel Grand Palace (1-1-1, Iidabashi)
The B1F event room "four seasons"
Access Subway "Kudanshita Station"
Tozai Line Exit 7 (Fujimi Exit), a 1-minute walk
Hanzomon Line, Shinjuku Line 3a, 3b turn mouth, a 3-minute walk
It is a 7-minute walk JR, subway "Iidabashi Station"
(Sobu Line, Yurakucho Line, Namboku Line, Toei Oedo Line)
Rate No charge for admission
Sponsorship Hotel Grand Palace
Reference Hotel Grand Palace banquet reservation section
TEL: 03-3264-1166 (directly) ※Reception hours from 9:00 to 20:00

Event contents

Wakayama Marchais
Direct marketing market of hotel Grand Palace to send local good thing, delicacy to at price just right for local all of you, "hote City." The thirteenth theme provides charm of ingredients of Wakayama titled Wakayama Marchais.
At eat-in corner of favorable reception, laid protochicken Kishu brought up with popular local ramen "Wakayama ramen" of Wakayama and nature and ume vinegar extract of Wakayama quickly and healthily every time, and "laid Kishu, and chef prepared to sell demonstration in omelettes with rice of egg" using egg. Furthermore, at Marchais corner, direct marketing things such as vegetables or fruit and vaunted excellent articles for sale assemble in full force!
Please appreciate rare ingredients of Wakayama.

Eat-in corner (※ stated value includes all consumption tax)

[FOOD] Wakayama gourmet [amount-limited] 11:30 - 14:00/17:30 - 19:00

■Wakayama ramen one cup 500 yen
Local ramen of Wakayama where full-bodied mellow pork bone broth and soy sauce bring on depth of depth in connection with exquisiteness. It is topping with kamaboko, leek, roasted pork fillet, menma.
■Fill up Kishu; omelette with rice one portion 500 yen of egg
"We fill up Kishu, and chef sells demonstration using egg" protochicken which grew with nature and ume vinegar extract of Wakayama quickly and healthily.
■Mini-bowl one portion 500 yen of tuna and whitebait
Mini-bowl using tuna and whitebait from Wakayama. Please have in soy seasoned with grated wasabi without any regret.
■Sohei-nabe one cup 400 yen of inobuta
It is food served in a pot using "inobuta" which had the softness of pork and taste of wild boar.
■Mehari-zushi two 200 yen
It is local cuisine of Wakayama with the name from rice ball which is big so as to stare wide-eyed. It features simple taste that wrapped rice in Chinese mustard which we preserved in salt.
■Panda steamed meat bun one of Susami pigs 200 yen
It is pretty steamed meat bun which we put specially made bean jam using Susami pig from Wakayama in.
■Chocolate cake one dish 200 yen of kumquat
Acidity of kumquat and sweetness of chocolate are exquisite recommended dessert. Attach plum jam source of subtle sweetness.
■Wakayama punch one portion 300 yen
Fruit punch using plum preserved in syrup which was born in fruit kingdom Wakayama and regional fruit. It is filling dessert which mandarin orange entered flop.

[DRINK] It is preparation from 11:30 to 19:00 with plum wine or orange juice of Wakayama

■Income full ripeness plum wine one cup 300 yen of plum
■satokonoo liquor (sake) one cup 500 yen
■Ginger-maru squeeze ginger ale one cup 300 yen
■Kiinokuni Arida taste one squeeze (mandarin orange juice to learn yes) one cup 500 yen

※In addition, there are draft beer (one cup of 300 yen), preparation for coffee (one cup of 300 yen), too.

<list of the thirteenth hote city branch group & branch products>
Wakayama satelite shop "Wakayama Kishu hall" (1F special sale space)
Pickled plum, Wakayama ramen, Ampo persimmon, mandarin orange juice, confectionery, majority including Japanese pepper powder!

Chiyoda blue sky city joint branch (B1F venue)
Earth work room There is Chiyoda; Chiba
・Okinawa coffee, atsunko Bakery, Miyako curry and others ・We feel sputum (Amami Oshima)
Tokyo sesame industry Heart, nombiru
・Is unshelled almond, strong soy sauce, white; and others ・Strap, acrylic scrubbing brush, chou chou et al.
nagomima senka saika
・Local (Miura-shi) fruit, brown alga, dry seaweed and others ・Vegetables, fruit, juice, dried fruit et al.
※Branch group, exhibition contents may be changed by circumstances.

Sightseeing in Wakayama PR symbol character "wakapan" comes up in venue.
Come in family all of you by all means.
<appearance schedule>
The first 11:30 ... The first-floor lobby
The second 11:45 ... The B1 floor "four seasons"
※Schedule may be changed by circumstances.




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