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We worship Sakura of Chiyoda and "enjoy incense smelling" (kodokeifukaishusai)

Date Saturday, April 4, 2015
Reception desk start /11:30
Weak tea (smell and make) / - 12:00
Incense seat /12:00 - about 13:00 "cherry tree incense"

[two copies]
Reception desk start /13:00
Weak tea (smell and make) / - 13:30
Incense seat /13:30 - about 15:30 "Haruka Miyako" "Genji incense"

[three copies]
Reception desk start /15:30
Weak tea (smell and make) / - 16:00
Incense seat /16:00 - about 17:00 "Genji incense"
Place Kioicho Shimizudani Park "*koen" (2-1, Kioicho)
Access Hanzomon Line, Namboku Line "Nagatacho Station" five minutes
Marunouchi Line, Ginza Line "Akasakamitsuke" five minutes
Yurakucho Line "Kojimachi Station" seven minutes
JR "Yotsuya Station" nine minutes
Fee Part, three copies of / for each 1,500 yen (one seat of incense seat)
Two copies of /3000 Japanese yen (two seats of incense seats)
Child (in primary, middle and high schools life) /500 Japanese yen
Capacity Each 20 parts
※Only in the partly first one
Sponsorship kodokeifukai
Application TEL, FAX: 03-6261-1178 (Uemura)
※We accept and the end is Thursday, April 2, but closes as soon as it becomes capacity.

Event contents

In Japanese traditional culture incense smelling, there are various "incense testing games" in connection with 31-syllable Japanese poem to enjoy every season. As for Genji incense, the name of winding of 52 of 54 quires of "The Tale of Genji" is acquired with figure. As there is a part only for the first one, please participate casually.

Incense seat: Incense testing game "cherry tree incense" "Haruka Miyako" "Genji incense"

If look around, stir pearlbush; and brocade spring in the capital kick
(identity Buddhist priest "collection of ancient and modern times 31-syllable Japanese poems")

See from kyo of Mt. cherry tree Hanasaki kinikerashimoashibikino; yuru white cloud
(Tsurayuki Kino "collection of ancient and modern times 31-syllable Japanese poems")

→State of last year is this

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