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Positive falls silent; feeling - Ehime-style in KITTE

Date From Saturday, December 20, 2014 to Friday, December 26 from 10:00 to 20:00
(only on the last day until 18:00)
Place The first floor of JP tower, KITTE basement Tokyo city eye performance zone
(Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku 2-7-2JP tower basement 1F)
Access Approximately 1 minute on foot from JR Tokyo Station
We are connected directly from Marunouchi Line Tokyo Station underpass
Approximately 2 minutes on foot from Chiyoda Line Nijubashimae Station
Approximately 4 minutes on foot from Toei Mita Line Otemachi Station
Approximately 3 minutes on foot from JR Keiyo Line Tokyo Station
Approximately 6 minutes on foot from Yurakucho Line Yurakucho Station
Approximately 6 minutes on foot from JR Yurakucho Station
Sponsorship Ehime
Reference The "positive we fall silent feeling - Ehime-style" secretariat (the are P eye)
TEL: 03-5212-3411


Event contents

Positive falls silent; feeling - Ehime-style in KITTE

We choose "good thing of Ehime" giving moisture to live and introduce!
Workshop which can experience & "skill of Ehime" to display and sell that 21 companies appear

Ehime is treasure house of traditional special products brought up by rich nature and the history and culture. In addition, new product which we put together for change of dweller needs while in late years leaving traditional good point by idea of builder is born one after another.
"Positive we fall silent feeling - Ehime-style in KITTE" is display sale to introduce with unit-related product which there is made in Ehime. At moment to be relieved at concept in life with "product melting into quiet scenery to spend in weather that we did repeatedly", it is feeling smiling at slightly…We send item creating such wonderful time from Ehime. We prepare for limited gift set only this time.

Such as "Imabari towel" "Tobe firing" "Mizuhiki, Iyo" "Kikuma tiles"
Tradition and modishness display and sell many products which fused.

While "Imabari towel" performing best towel production center, Blanding who put together in the times while following tradition from Imabari in Japan is traditional industrial art object of country, "citrus fruit cosmetics which even modern work by woman and young person ceramist was born from "Tobe firing" (photograph), citrus fruit kingdom, Ehime attracting attention," 21 companies exhibit "Uwajima pearls" of the best pearl production in Japan.
In addition, we appear to various products which took in style that traditional, is new including hair ornament and broach which arranged technique of "Mizuhiki, Iyo" where life miscellaneous goods which fused with kinhakugi, girutingu, the traditional skill weave coaster using "Kikuma tile" of having a latent power, "Ozu Japanese paper".

Six workshops which can experience "the skill of Ehime."
Product will take pretty products including "polygonum filiforme" home with it!

"Polygonum filiforme work experience" to challenge the making of Pochi bag and strap in traditional Mizuhiki, Iyo holds workshop which "girudingu (gold leaf) experience" to make photo frame or accessories with gold leaf technology can participate in from child including "himekozo bus bomb" making bath powder with nature aroma oil which "the making of mini-bonsai" extracted from Ehime product citrus fruit which made Kikuma tile of having a latent power container to old people happily.