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Hokkaido atsuma town whole fair (Atsuma-cho sponsorship)

Date Saturday, November 8, 2014 from 11:00 to 19:00, 9th Sunday from 11:00 to 18:00
Place Tokyo city eye performance zone
(the first floor of Marunouchi 2-7-2 JP tower, KITTE basement)
Access JR, subway "Tokyo Station"
Sponsorship Atsuma-cho
Reference Atsuma-cho town development promotion section
TEL: 0145-27-3179

Event contents

... which plays in oldness and "atsuma" of ... second, and lives, and works

South side of Hokkaido, Atsuma-cho facing the Pacific visit you to the house of Kyomaru Azuma this year. We can talk about things of living and work, and there are guidebook and special product sale, too. In addition, a certain "Kuriyama-cho opens emigration consultation booth by car this time from Atsuma-cho to approximately one hour, too". Do you not begin person liking Hokkaido, with plan to go to Hokkaido, which wants to begin the life that is new in Hokkaido, your "Hokkaido" from Atsumacho?

Let's play saying yurukyara is saying "we gather"!
Adult including game and coloring contest can enjoy child, too. atsumarukunni come to meet.

atsuma quiz battle!
Quiz meet about Atsuma-cho, high-ranking prizewinner challenge final stage. "chotto living" experience and special product as for the prize with airline ticket, meal ticket.

atsumano farm output product trial chance!
Purchase special product more than 500 yen, and of all-you-can-stuff and rice of potato onion let's challenge to catch!

■Sightseeing PR
We introduce attractive oogo of the sea which surfer of event and 60,000 people a year enjoying season visits.

■Special product sale
We send "atsumano taste" including lotus cup product of the best very popular "azuma Jingisukan" and planted area in Japan last year.

■Emigration domiciliation consultation
We guide about emigration or two area residence in Atsuma-cho. Commencing with introduction of land for sale by the lot, the staff of town explains administrative support received at the time of emigration directly.

We support one wanting to become farmhouse in Atsuma-cho where agriculture including rice and lotus cup is prosperous. To become farmhouse? The backup system of town? We show around nado, concrete support system.




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