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Small exhibition "Little Expo2014" of Jimbocho neighborhood (executive committee sponsorship)

Date From Saturday, November 1, 2014 to 16th Sunday
Place Store of Jimbocho neighborhood
Access Subway "Jimbocho Station"
Sponsorship LITTLE EXPO executive committee
Reference LITTLE EXPO executive committee
MAIL: littleexpo@gmail .com

Event contents

Small exhibition of town to tie door to

Welcome to small exhibition = little expo of Jimbocho. Little expo is art event that shop of Jimbocho neighborhood that we started from in the autumn of 2008 holds in the main constituent. We are happy if we have you enjoy display and event of each shop performed during period to go round pavilions.
Small each shop door opens, and can send time only in Jimbocho to because each individuality is connected.

<participation store>
no.1 nagokafe no.11 (the cause) Tsuruya toggery
no.2 shoshu (egushi) Shop Jimbocho Japanese bantam of no.12 white curry 
no.3 cafe&dining HORIZON It is sometimes Gallery Sonia no .13
no.4 Tokyo achikoko no.14 Bon Vivant
no.5 avocafe no.15 peace studio
no.6 pig Baru pig tale no.16 book spring Grande
no.7 aesthetics school no.17 EDITORY
no.8 HAIR & MAKE DIFFERENCE ENGINE  no.18 bar relief
no.9 book house Jimbocho no.19 BETTOLA SANBAL
no.10 art club higurashi no.20 bisutororiberute
  no.21 Hair & Make eida
★Schedule is this

■Little expo PARTY [the shop X artist X visitor night!]
We participate, and anyone OK's Jimbochophilia! Let alone introduction of shop and artist, plan of secret that prepared for this day is various special events ♪ Let's enjoy around delicious liquor together. It is free to do comings and goings. Come to play casually!

The date and time: 11/11( fire) from 18:00 to 22:00
Place: Art spot rad (1-3, Kandajinboucho)
Entrance fee: 2,000 yen (there is one drink light meal with) addition drink is 300 yen
Contact 070-2171-1938 (charge Negishi)

■Photographer Takafumi Yamanishi and the Kosuke Adachi Jimbocho de trip talk "Cuba, Caribbean, earth" of trip
Trip cafe which existed in Jimbocho until the end of last year, popular event of "+cafe Flug" (kafefuruku), "meeting talking about photographer Takafumi Yamanishi trip" revise and revive! It is photographer, and Takafumi Yamanishi of traveler invites photographer Kosuke Adachi this time, and Caribbean islands also talk about "taking a trip to the earth" including Cuba.

The date and time: From 16:30 to 18:30 open at 11/15( soil) 16:00
Place: Art spot rad (1-3, Kandajinboucho)
Entrance fee: 2,000 yen (with one drink, Caribbean-like mini-snacks) addition drink is 300 yen
Please inform title of full name, contact information, the participation number of people after "November 15 talk reservation" and specification.